UFC 257: Conor McGregor has made his prediction for Dustin Poirier rematch


The ‘Notorious One’ continues to captivate MMA fans with his latest prediction for his upcoming, highly anticipated rematch against Dustin Poirier.

The bout will take place on January 23, with both men having moved up to lightweight since their first clash.

At featherweight, McGregor confidently and swiftly dismantled Poirier, who was out before he hit the canvas thanks to a rangy left-hook that landed just behind the ear. It took less than two minutes of the first round for McGregor to seal the deal.

Just seconds before this, McGregor had stunned Poirier with an overhand right, the punch that ultimately laid the foundations for a brutal finish.

Despite being short-lived, however, the fight was not entirely one-sided; just over a minute in, Poirier walked McGregor onto a short left straight, a punch that went completely under the radar as it did not seem to phase Conor in the slightest.

While competitive while it lasted, the Irishman’s footwork played a huge part in the outcome of the contest. He immediately took the centre of the Octagon, pushing Poirier towards the fence and not allowing him to set or plant his feet, negating the risk of powerful kicks or punches.

The fact that the rematch is taking place one weight class up will make things interesting. While Conor is still the firm favourite to get the win, the extra timber that each man will be carrying will increase the possibility of either of them being decisively hurt.

Since their first encounter, both McGregor and Poirier have lost once, each being choked physically and metaphorically by Khabib Nurmagomedov and his supreme wrestling skills.

The Russian is retired, for now at least, and with his lightweight crown up for grabs, debate still surrounds a possible opponent for the winner of McGregor vs Poirier II.

The Dubliner and the Louisianian have both made it explicitly clear that they would relish the opportunity to rematch the lightweight legend, while Dana White continues to tease UFC fans with rumours of his possible return.

With his sights firmly set on lightweight silverware, Conor is clearly confident that he will get the job done at UFC 257.

In a recent promotional video, he said, as per Metro: “I like Dustin. I think he’s a good fighter. He’s even a great fighter. But great is still levels below me.”


Confidence before a big fight is nothing new from the Crumlin man and fans of his have not only come to expect it, but revel in it.

He went on to claim: “I’ll knock Dustin out inside 60 seconds.”

Having watched their first fight, most would agree that it is not entirely impossible that this prediction could become reality.

Both men have come a long way from their first bout, however, and with most fans just being thankful that a fight of this magnitude can happen under current circumstances, the MMA world waits with bated breath.

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