Klopp, Solskjaer, Mourinho: Study reveals the most trolled Premier League managers

  • Kat Lucas

Social media has made being a Premier League manager tougher than ever. 

Manchester United's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Chelsea's Frank Lampard have both been subjected to pile-ons this season when their respective teams have underperformed. 

In fact, Lampard has been ridiculed with meme after meme in recent weeks, with the Blues losing four of their last six league games. 

They say the joy of Twitter is that everyone can express their opinion. And, of course, the downside of Twitter is that everyone can express their opinion. 

Managers are an obvious target, but some of them get off pretty lightly. Marcelo Bielsa, for example, is often praised even when Leeds are beaten heavily (unless it's by League Two Crawley, naturally). 

Likewise, Chris Wilder's Sheffield United might be bottom of the top tier, but the Yorkshireman is still revered because of his previous, transformative work at Bramall Lane. 

But which managers officially cop the most abuse online? As seen in The Sun, RantCasino.com have done a study measuring thousands of tweets and whether they are positive, negative or neutral. 

The aim is to find out the most 'trolled' bosses and the results are very interesting. As you'd expect, Jurgen Klopp ranks right down the bottom as he appears to be almost universally respected. 

David Moyes, who is enjoying an impressive season with West Ham, is also rarely criticised. Neither do Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti or Nuno often find themselves derided online.

The same can't be said of Steve Bruce, whom Newcastle fans have attacked for his negative approach to games, or even Solskjaer, who ranks fourth despite leading United into a title race. 

Here are the results in full, with each manager ranked from 'least trolled' to 'most trolled'. We've also included the percentage of negative tweets about each one. 

20. Chris Wilder (11.16%)

19. Jurgen Klopp (13.95%)


18. David Moyes (15.53%)

17. Nuno Esperito Santo (17.41%)

16. Pep Guardiola (17.84%)

15. Carlo Ancelotti (18.06%)

14. Mikel Arteta (19.31%)

13. Sean Dyche (20.65%)

=11. Brendan Rodgers (21.39%)


=11. Ralph Hasenhuttl (21.39%)

10. Marcelo Bielsa (21.89%) 

9. Jose Mourinho (21.92%)

8. Sam Allardyce (21.97%)

7. Scott Parker (22.76%)

6. Graham Potter (25.33%)

5. Roy Hodgson (26.57%)


4. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (28.73%)

3. Dean Smith (28.82%)

2. Steve Bruce (32.89%)

1. Frank Lampard (42.25%)

Ouch. Lampard will no doubt be unsurprised given the run Chelsea have been on. They had slumped to ninth in the table going into the FA Cup third-round weekend and they were artfully picked apart by Manchester City at Stamford Bridge.

It's harsh to see Dean Smith take such a battering with Aston Villa continuing to defy expectations. The same could be said of Scott Parker, who can't be expected to perform miracles at Fulham. 

Imagine where #WengerOut would have got Arsene Wenger...

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