Romain Grosjean crash: Formula 1 driver reveals photos of hand burns after horror crash

  • Kat Lucas

It’s now been six weeks since the horrifying crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix involving Romain Grosjean. 

The Haas driver’s car veered off course and hit a barrier, with many describing it as a sheer miracle that he survived. 

While his helmet melted and he suffered burns to his hands, it was thought that the Halo device had prevented the collision being a lot more serious. 

Incredibly, the 34-year-old was inside the burning car for 32 seconds. Grosjean was quoted by the Daily Mail: 

“I looked to my right, looked to my left, and it was all orange. “That’s strange,” I thought.

“A few things came into my head. Is it sunset? No. Is it the light from the circuit? No. Then I realised it was fire. So I knew I didn’t have time to wait to be rescued.” 

Lewis Hamilton won the race itself, beating Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon after leading for all but one lap.

However, in the aftermath all the focus was rightly on Grosjean’s safety and fans have long been waiting for an update. 

Days after the crash, he tweeted a photo of his hand in dressing with the caption: “My right hand this morning. The happiness I had when I was told that I didn’t need the full dressing anymore and could use my finger was huge. Almost cried. A victory on my way to recovery.”


Just a few weeks on, he has now been able to remove the dressing and has regained the use of his hands. 

While the images are fairly gruesome, it’s brilliant news that he’s continued to step up his recovery. 


Fantastic to see. 

After the 140mph crash, he was forced to watch the last two races of the season from the sidelines. He has since been recovering at home in Switzerland. 

There is a good chance he won’t be watching the 2021 season opener in Melbourne at all, with the Australian Grand Prix expected to be postponed. 

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