Grand Theft Auto V iconic cut scene has been recreated with the voiceover actors


Grand Theft Auto players have been putting their own spin on the cut scene from GTA 5 where Lamar mercilessly roasts Franklin’s haircut for years now.

Since the title was released by Rockstar Games back in September 2013, countless fan-made variations of the iconic exchange have been uploaded to YouTube.

The ultimate take on the verbal beatdown might now have been found, though, after the voices behind the characters themselves released their own real-life version.

In a clip produced by the PlayStation Haven YouTube channel, actors Slink Johnson (Lamar) and Solo Fonteno (Franklin) walk out from beside a house – before Lamar gives Franklin some hairstyle advice in classic fashion.

“Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful, *****. Maybe if you got rid of that old yee yee ass haircut, you’d get some b*****s on yo d***. Nah, better yet, maybe Tanisha’ll call your dog ass if she quit f*****’ with that brain surgeon or lawyer she f*****’ with”

The full video itself, and the actual gameplay version, can be seen below. Be warned: it is unedited and, of course, extremely profane.

GTA fans certainly appreciated the effort that both men had put in for their entertainment for the clip, which has now been viewed over 250,000 times on the social media platform.

“Let’s appreciate the fact that these two legends took some time for us to do this meme and did take it to another level. This is epicness,” praised one user in the comments section. 

GTA V has sold in excess of one million copies over the years and is fondly recalled by gamers around the world. It might be time, however, for all other attempts at the Lamar and Franklin memes to end. The version released this week will be hard to top.

As one comment declared: “OK the meme is officially transcended, no one beating this lmfao!” 


“One of those moments where the meme becomes reality, and subsequently a historical moment,” commented another fan.

At a time when we could all do with a reminder of happier times, GTA players have very much enjoyed this epic nostalgia trip, which has provided great entertainment to many.

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