WWE news: Matthew McConaughey hints at match after appearance on RAW


The Wolf of Wall Street and Interstellar star Matthew McConaughey has teased fans about getting into the WWE ring.

The actor, age 51, has been an avid fan for some time, watching the shows with his wife and kids.

In 2018, McConaughey made clear his love of the WWE when he appeared on The Graham Norton Show, alongside wrestling legend John Cena.

He showed his passion for wrestling and deep knowledge of wrestlers and wrestling culture. Ice-cool McConaughey broke his own conventions as he swooned over Cena, betraying a clear excitement in meeting him and hearing his wrestling stories.

Recently, Monday Night Raw viewers got a surprise as they spotted McConaughey and his kids on a virtual fan wall in the Thunderdome.

The WWE, who always have an eye for headline-generating stunts, pounced on the opportunity, and responded to the unexpected appearance. They shared footage of the actor watching current WWE champion Drew McIntyre and posted:


“McConaughey was recently spotted in the WWE ThunderDome cheering on a Drew McIntyre victory. Could his next encounter with the WWE Universe come inside the squared circle?”

McConaughey, appearing on Maria Menounos’ Better Together podcast, said:

“I'll say not too much because as you know, you can't say too much about these things, but it is something that interests me. The Rock was telling me his story, about his storyline from good guy to bad guy, and how he felt it click in one night while he was there live, ‘oh I just hooked him’.

"And I love the suspension [of] disbelief because my kids and I watch and they're starting to get that when they go, ‘Oh this is fake’. I'm going, 'What are you talking about? No way!'”


If McConaughey does step inside the WWE ring, it won’t be the first time a celebrity has done so. Famously, at WrestleMania 23, Donald Trump and Vince McMahon competed in the Battle of the Billionaires, represented by Bobby Lashley and Umaga, respectively.

The forfeit for losing this match? McMahon had to get his head shaved bald. Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. legitimately broke Big Show’s nose in the lead up to a show-down at WrestleMania 24.

He then proceeded to knock out Big Show, not so legitimately, in the main event.

The most notable contribution from a non-wrestler was undoubtedly from Mike Tyson, whose appearances in 1998 was credited with having a huge role in saving the then failing WWE. He first clashed with Stone Cold Steve Austin and teamed up with rivals DX.


However, he later flipped on DX and instead aligned himself with Austin. Since then, he has made several other appearances.

The star-power of McConaughey would, of course, be beneficial to the WWE. With his age, and lack of training taken into consideration, McConaughey surely wouldn’t take part in anything too strenuous.

An appearance would likely take the form of something in between that of Trump and Mayweather’s. He might get involved in a scuffle, get involved in building-up a title clash storyline and add a much-needed lift to an event such as WrestleMania.

Either way, it’ll be worth tuning in to see how the WWE incorporate him into their world.

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