Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: How much will it cost to get Oleksandr Usyk to step aside?


Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are on the verge of agreeing to one of the biggest fights of the century.

Reports coming out of both camps are that talks are progressing well and a final contract is imminent.

There have been several hurdles to overcome but, one by one, Eddie Hearn and Bob Arum have found a way around them.

The venue for the clash has been one of the biggest sticking points, with new lockdown regulations in the UK effectively ruling it out as a possible host.

The purse splits were also said to be causing a bit of consternation among the pair as they haggled with each other in a bid to get the heftier chunk of the money.

However, according to recent comments from Bob Arum, those issues have all been ironed out and the pair are almost in the clear.

The only harbinger of doom still standing in the way is Oleksandr Usyk.

The Ukrainian heavyweight is Anthony Joshua's mandatory WBO challenger and could exercise his right to fight the Brit before any bout with Fury can be allowed to happen.


Joshua has stated that he will have no qualms with vacating his WBO belt if it means he can fight Fury first.

That will mean, however, that the 'Battle of Britain' would no longer have the mythical significance of unifying the division.

So what can be done to ensure that the biggest event in British boxing can go ahead with every belt on the line?


Well, it seems that Fury and Joshua are going to have to hand over a hefty sum to Usyk if they wish for him to step aside.

Per a report in The Sun, Usyk will demand 'a couple of million' to stand down and free Joshua up to  take on Fury.

While the official sum is not yet known, you can be sure that it will have to be a very enticing offer to persuade the belligerent Ukrainian to hold fire on his challenge.

Here at GievMeSport, we are certainly hoping he can be convinced to step aside.

Fury vs Joshua would be grand, but with every belt in the heavyweight division on the line, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime fight.

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