Wayne Rooney: Manchester United legend’s funniest and most underrated moments


Wayne Rooney, one of the greatest players in Manchester United’s history, has retired.

The 35-year-old called time on his illustrious career on Friday following his appointment as Derby County’s new permanent manager.

During an extraordinary career which also saw him play for Everton and DC United, it’s with the hearts of Man Utd fans where Rooney will forever occupy a special place.

He spent 13 years at Old Trafford and won a host of major honours, including five Premier League titles, one FA Cup, the Europa League and the Champions League.

Rooney also netted 253 goals in 559 games, making him the club’s all-time leading goalscorer in the process.


United fans loved Rooney for many reasons: his world-class talent, his remarkable determination and the fact he was such a selfless team player.

He would regularly pop up in the left-back position to make a bone-crunching tackle on an opposition forward before sprinting down the other end of the pitch to join in an attack.

Skinhead Rooney was an animal

Rooney was an animal - although as the following tweet suggests, bald Rooney was particularly terrifying…

During an old-fashioned drop-ball in 2008, Hull City’s George Boateng and Andy Dawson found out the hard way just how ferocious Rooney could be.

Only Mike Dean can explain how Wazza escaped with just a yellow card…

Getting knocked out by Phil Bardsley

Rooney loves his boxing, but it’s probably just as well that he opted to pursue a career as a footballer instead of a boxer.

The striker hit the front pages of Britain’s tabloids in 2015 after a video emerged of Phil Bardsley knocking him out in his kitchen…

… This led to a legendary Rooney celebration

Days after getting decked by Bardsley, Rooney produced this legendary goal celebration after scoring against Tottenham.

“When it was coming out, I went to see [Louis] van Gaal,” Rooney revealed in a 2019 interview. “I said ‘this story’s coming out about me and Phil Bardsley fighting in the house’.

“And he p***** himself laughing. He found it hilarious.”

Having a row with Roy Keane over X-Factor

Rooney has always been completely fearless, even as a youngster.

Which other footballer would dare to change the channel to X-Factor while Roy Keane was watching rugby league?

Rooney did just that on his very first away trip with Man Utd…

Showing no respect to Pep Guardiola

It didn’t matter how big a name you were, Rooney never gave a damn about reputations…

Charades with Fergie

Rooney and Ferguson had a topsy-turvy relationship during their time working together at Old Trafford.

Unlike most, Rooney wasn’t scared of Fergie and would regularly give as good as he got.

However, there was one particularly funny moment on ’The Big United Quiz’ in 2011 where Rooney - when asked to act out the film ‘Bend it Like Beckham' - reenacted the moment Ferguson kicked a boot at David Beckham’s head while stood in the same room as his boss.

“This is going to cost you!” Ferguson said to his star man…

Slapping WWE wrestler Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett is 6ft 7in and weighs 246lb, but that didn’t stop Rooney from giving the WWE wrestler a slap in the chops during an event in November 2015.

"I'm heading to Old Trafford early tomorrow morning,” Barrett tweeted afterwards. “I hope @WayneRooney has the guts to meet me there."

The WWE star was presumably all talk because nothing came of it. We can’t blame him for bottling it, to be fair.

This unusual celebration vs Chelsea

Full marks to Rooney for somehow getting himself into this position in the first place, and for the photographer at Stamford Bridge for capturing the moment.


His meltdown against Fulham

When Rooney lost it, he really lost it. Back in March 2009, Rooney was shown a red card and warned about his future conduct by the FA after launching the ball at anger at referee Phil Dowd before punching a corner flag…

Casually walking around the streets looking like this

That is a strong look, Wayne…


Giving some to Robert Pires

Ah, take us back to the days when Man Utd and Arsenal players hated each other…

Arguing with the ref and then scoring a screamer

Rooney would often give referees a hard time, especially during his early days.

This moment is famous but it's too good not to include. Seconds after having a go at the ref, Wazza walloped in one of the greatest goals of his career...

Rooney’s acting was actually unreal

“They say… He is a legend.”

It’s a travesty that Rooney never won an Oscar for this acting performance…

It was such a good performance that he later starred in this genius X-Men advert…

Rooney’s legendary tweets

Finally, we’ll end with Rooney’s most legendary tweets. It’s a crying shame that he doesn’t use Twitter these days…

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Thanks for all the memories, both on and off the pitch, Wayne.

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