Fantasy Football: Why you should use your free hit chip in DGW19


As we begin to approach DGW19, there is a big feeling in Fantasy Premier League that this double game week could deliver some huge points hauls.

With 12 teams preparing to face two lots of fixtures, sides like Man City and West Ham offer a good week opportunity to pick up some FPL points and the free hit chip can help you make the most of DGW19.

If you are considering when to use your free hit chip, then we suggest that using it in GW19 could help you stand out within your leagues this week.

What is the free hit chip?

The free hit chip allows for unlimited transfer for one single gameweek. Managers can replace all of their 15 players for free and when the game week is finished, their squads will return to how they were before.

This enables you to take advantage of certain teams' run of fixtures, which is why it comes in handy when there is a double gameweek.

However, it can only be used once in a season and therefore must be used wisely to gain as many points as possible.

Double Gameweek

With 12 different teams to choose from this week, you can make sure that your team is full of players that will play two matches. If you were priced out of selecting some of the top players before, the free hit chip can allow you to select those players now for a single game week.

DGW19 offers a great chance for your free hit chip to be utilised to full effect. The fixtures favour FPL managers who have the likes of Man City, West Ham, Liverpool, Leicester and Chelsea players within their squads.


The teams mentioned above will all have certain players in their teams, that will score big in DGW19.

Man City play Crystal Palace and Aston Villa, which means selecting attacking City players like Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne could give you good attacking returns.

West Ham face Burnley and West Brom, two of the lowest-scoring teams in the Premier League this season. As manager David Moyes eyes two clean sheets, choosing the likes of Aaron Cresswell and Angelo Ogbonna could prove worthwhile.

And Liverpool's game against Manchester United forecasts more goals rather than less, so players like Mohamed Salah and Bruno Fernandes could come in handy.

Liverpool then play Burnley and United play Fulham, which suggests high attacking returns for any FPL managers with players from these clubs.


It would be smart to prioritise these high scorers and in turn, select a weaker bench.

Therefore, because we know players like Kevin De Bruyne, Ruben Dias, Marcus Rashford and Mohamed Salah will start each gameweek, we can select them and leave lower-valued players on the bench.

By doing this you are saving more money so that you can afford the best players that will score highly across the two fixtures.
Stand out in your mini-league

It is also worth noting that 1.4m FPL managers used their free hit chip in GW18. This may have resulted in you falling behind in your mini-league and so a big points haul this week will of course be very useful.

Therefore, if you are one of those that opted not to use it in GW18, then you can utilise the double gameweek to score twice as many points as your fellow competitors. Well, that's the plan anyway.

Overall, given GW19's fixtures, this could be a good chance for you to cash in your free hit chip if you haven't already.

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