Grand Theft Auto: Who is the best playable character from the game?


Since being released in 2001, Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto has become one of the most popular video games ever.

Over the past two decades, gaming experts from across the globe have spent hundreds of hours playing the action-packed game.

The question is: Who is the best character?

Well, thanks to ScreenRant, we now have our answer. Looking at the 12 playable characters starting with GTA 3, they have ranked the protagonists from worst to best.

Here are their rankings…

12. Huang Lee (GTA: Chinatown Wars)

Huang lands in America on a typical revenge mission, looking to kill the person who murdered his family. However, the real killer is someone a little closer to home. The cliched storyline means Huang props up the rankings.

11. Claude Speed (GTA 3)

Claude’s character played an emotionless murderer. It is understandable as to why they thought that would work. Unfortunately, it just means that we never get to see his personality, making it difficult for players to connect with and actually like Claude.

10. Toni Cipriani (GTA: Liberty City Stories)


Toni is desperate to gain the respect of mob boss Salvatore Leone whilst also avoiding going to jail. He is also loyal to his mother throughout. A respectable trait, but not exactly the most exciting character the game has had.

9. Victor Vance (GTA: Vice City Stories)

Victor does not last long in the game, but he is an admirable character. The fact that he joined the military to help pay for his sick brother’s treatment means that he earns a higher spot than other characters who had longer roles on the game.

8. Johnny Klebitz (GTA: The Lost And The Damned)

Johnny is more of a background character. He is a recovering addict, whose cause is hardly helped by the characters that he meets during the game. He does have a little more personality than some of the other protagonists, though, which earns him eighth spot on the list.

7. Tommy Vercetti (GTA: Vice City)

Tommy is essentially the same character as Claude. The only difference is that he has added charisma. He is a ruthless killer who shows no mercy, and with his backstory largely unknown, once again he is not the most likeable character.


6. Luis Lopez (GTA: The Ballad Of Gay Tony)

Luis starts off as a gangster before swiftly turning into a bodyguard. His banter with nightclub owner Tony Prince is impressive. His ranking would have been higher if his character had been developed in future editions of the game.

5. Franklin Clinton (GTA 5)

Making the top five is Franklin. He uses his relationship with Michael and Trevor for his own gain, proving that he has brains as well as brawn. His rags-to-riches story makes him a popular character with fans.

4. Trevor Phillips (GTA 5)

Speaking of Trevor, he just pips Franklin in the rankings here. He plays the textbook psychopath perfectly, whilst remaining loyal to those closest to him. He also has his funny moments, and is deserving of a high ranking on this list.


3. Michael De Santa (GTA 5)

Also appearing in GTA 5 was Michael. He has everything. Money, a family, a mansion. Still, he is always seeking more. He stops at nothing to get what he wants, which is just how you would wish the villain of the piece to be played.

2. Niko Bellic (GTA 4)

They say a leopard can never change their spots. Well, Niko tries to. He leaves Eastern Europe for a fresh start, but it is not long before he is back involved in shady business. His tragic ending makes him a fascinating character to follow throughout the game.

1. Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson (GTA: San Andreas)

Top of the pile is CJ. Gamers find out that CJ’s mother was killed in a shooting, which plays a key role in his actions during San Andreas. CJ is more than just a stone-cold murderer, and the conversations that he has means that players are able to connect with him more than other protagonists.

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