Cristiano Ronaldo: What happened to the kid who asked CR7 how to become a footballer?

The youngster even spoke to Cristiano Ronaldo in Portuguese!

Pretty much every single football fan would love to have the chance to speak to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 35-year-old is one of the greatest athletes of all time and he'd no doubt be able to offer up some brilliant responses to all our footballing questions.

Back in 2014, a young lad named Ryota Iwaoka was granted the opportunity to converse with Ronaldo and he even spoke to the global icon in Portuguese!

"Good afternoon, my name is Ryota," the 12-year-old said during a Q&A session at an event in Japan.

"My dream is to be a football player and have the pleasure of playing with you one day. What should I do to achieve that goal?"

The crowd found Ryota's attempts to speak Portuguese rather amusing, to which Ronaldo replied: "Why are they laughing? Why? He speaks Portuguese well, very well. They should be happy because he is trying so hard."

After defending the youngster, Real Madrid's record goalscorer responded to Ryota's question on what was required to achieve his goal of becoming a footballer.

"Belief, effort, and never missing your chance," the five-time Ballon d'Or winner said.

It seems Ronaldo's advice was spot on, because Ryota, now 18, is making positive strides towards becoming a professional footballer.

He recently helped guide his team Yamanashi Gakuin to victory at the prestigious All Japan High School Soccer Tournament.

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Champions League trophy

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The competition is the largest amateur sport event in Japan and a few days after lifting the coveted trophy, Ryota recalled Ronaldo's words to him in a video that's gone viral in his homeland.

"Cristiano's advice has always been on my mind." the midfielder said, per Marca. "I was able to win the championship! For the last few years, especially this last one, I have had a lot of pain [injuries].

"Still, there was a person who supported me and he has been here. I am very happy to have the best friends from all over the country. Thank you for your great support!"

Well played, Ryota.

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