WWE news: Roman Reigns may be getting a new stable member after SmackDown segment


This week on Friday Night SmackDown, the WWE were teasing a potential baby face heel turn, which could lead to another addition to the Roman Reigns’ tribe.

Indeed, it certainly appeared that Apollo Crews was taking on board the win at all cost mentality as he used heel tactics to defeat former Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn.

Crews was also seen sitting with Reigns during a backstage segment that indicated ‘The Tribal Chief’ was looking to add a new member to his growing stable.

The seeds appear to already be sown during last Saturday’s Talking Smack when Crews appeared on it with none other than Reigns’ manager Paul Heyman.

Heyman did not hold back when commenting on Crews’ Intercontinental Championship defeat to his friend Big E.

Heyman said: “You let your emotions get the best of you in the ring. You let your friendship with Big E get the best of you in the ring. You let all your dreams slip through your fingers because you’re a sportsman, you’re a gentleman. You’re in there with a friend that you respect and admire.

“Only one of you are going to walk out of that ring as the Intercontinental Champion. Someone has to be a winner, and someone has to be a loser. And tonight, whether you like it or not, your children know in their hearts, ‘My father was the loser in a match.”


Heyman continued to say: “Here’s what I have to say to you, and I say this - and it won’t sound respectful, but it is respectful - you’re sitting here just another wannabe challenger, a pretender to Big E’s throne. Leave here, just another wannabe challenger and pretender to the throne. Come back here in a couple weeks with the title like a man!”

Crews has certainly proved that he can win championships having previously held the United States Championship on RAW in 2020 when he beat Andrade.

He is also held in high regard by former WWE Champion and ‘Leader of the Yes Movement’ Daniel Bryan, who has been pushing the WWE to do something more with Crews for a while, and went as far as to list him in the five opponents that he would like to face before he retires.

“I think Apollo Crews is infinitely talented,” Bryan added.

It has already been announced that Crews is due to face Big E in an International Championship rematch next Friday. Will Crews turn heel?

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