Snow in Istanbul: Invisible Sivasspor go viral during Süper Lig clash with Basaksehir

  • Kobe Tong

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...

Ok, yes, Christmas might have retreated into our rearview mirrors by now, but winter weather doesn't just stick around for the festive season with snow raining down throughout January.

Here in the United Kingdom, great swathes of the Midlands have been dusted with a coating of the white stuff, while even sunny Madrid found itself clearing driveways after a downpour of snow.

Snow and football

And while that most beautiful kind of precipitation has been known to cancel football matches in the past, the odd layer of snow isn't enough to stop players from battling through the elements.

Besides, we've all seen games where the bulk of it has been shoveled up against the advertising boards and the pitch markings are given a little colour change so they're still easy to spot.

However, there was something of a unique situation in Turkey this weekend when the penalty area being the same colour as the snow was the last thing on the officials' minds.


Chaos in Istanbul

That's because the clash between ─░stanbul Ba┼čak┼čehir F.K. and Sivasspor in the Süper Lig went viral as snow in Turkey's biggest city covered the Ba┼čak┼čehir Fatih Terim Stadium.

In the end, the game finished 1-1 with Danijel Aleksi─ç firing the home side into the lead, only for Hakan Arslan to equalise soon afterward, but that's not why the game hit the headlines.

Rather, Sivasspor made the unfortunate error of sporting a white jersey, which quickly turned into camouflage as the snow began to hide the green grass of the pitch.


Invisible Sivasspor players

Now, you might think that snow and a white jersey could still contrast enough to make for an easy viewing experience, but you'd be wrong with images of the game looking, well, hilarious.

As writer Çetin Cem Y─▒lmaz pointed out on Twitter: "It was snowing in Istanbul during the Basaksehir - Sivasspor game and Sivasspor thought wearing white would be a good idea.

"Yes, there are actually two sides in this photo - look closely and Sivasspor players are there."

So, without further ado, be sure to check out the amusing images of the game down below:

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Like a FIFA glitch

It honestly looks as though there's been a FIFA glitch where one of the teams has disappeared because you really have to pay close attention to see the Sivasspor players amongst the snowfall.

It also can't help reminding us of the classic secondary school jokes where you'd pretend somebody wasn't wearing a coat or backpack because it was camouflage. Ah, it never gets old.

But fair play, I guess, to the Sivasspor players cracking on and securing a point on the road, though it must at least have been easier for them to spot their teammates at pitch level.


For those watching from home, however, let's just say it won't be winning awards for viewing experience any time soon - and that's snow joke. Ok, ok, I'll see myself out...

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