Boxing: Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury is 'done deal' according to Eddie Hearn


Antony Joshua and Tyson Fury’s super clash could be signed and confirmed in the next three to four weeks according to Eddie Hearn.

The first fight in their two-fight deal is likely to be around late May/early June, once this has been finalised, both camps will begin to look for potential venues across the globe.

Hearn disapproved of the recent statement made by Fury’s co-promoter Bob Arum that a venue had been agreed.

Finding a venue is likely to be a sticking point in this deal with coronavirus still looming large, but hopefully, as the scenario improves, the decision will become clearer for both teams.

When asked about the details of the bout, Hearn had this to say: "We will say, hopefully in the next three or four weeks: deal done, everybody's on board and signed.

"Talks are progressing, it's going really well, we're drafting contracts and I think, really, if someone said to me: 'How long do you think?' I'd say in the next four weeks - that's when the deal will get closed.

"We're in a position now where everything is being finalised in the contractual sense, then we will go to the venues where we've had offers and say: 'OK, now we're looking to negotiate and finalise that'."


The famous promoter remained consistent on his stance with broadcasting clashes and Deontay Wilder, stating that a war between the likes of Sky, BT and DAZN will not get in the way of this clash, neither will the Bronze Bomber requesting a fight with Fury.

With two of the biggest stars in boxing going head to head and with such large amounts of money being involved, it was also expected that contract negotiations would drag on.

Eddie Hearn also said the following:

"The deal is done, really, without being signed. The financial elements of the deal are done, we're talking through the broadcast situation, the only thing really now is to paper it, which is what's going on at the moment, and when you paper a deal like that it does go back and forward 15 times before every single letter is approved on the document.


"I don't think the deal is taking longer, I think the contract is taking longer, if that make sense."

The fight will likely be on foreign soil with many believing that the clash will be hosted in the middle east, however, Hearn stated that places such as Singapore, Australia, America and Eastern Europe are also all being considered.

"We've had a lot of other interesting approaches from territories that we might not have thought were players in this fight but I believe they are," he added.

Hearn remains optimistic that the second fight will be based domestically towards the end of 2021. But, there is also a chance of the same venue being used for both fights.

The politics are still ongoing, but it seems as if we are getting closer and closer to seeing two modern-day greats go at it in the ring, to the delight of boxing fans across the globe.

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