WWE news: Stone Cold Steve Austin claims he would beat The Rock in a present-day match

Stone Cold has been speaking about wrestling The Rock in WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock had one of WWE's greatest ever rivalries. 

They were the biggest stars of the Attitude Era and went toe-to-toe on the greatest stage of all, at WrestleMania, on three separate occasions. 

Stone Cold won two of those matches - at 'Mania 15 and 17 - but it was The Rock who got the last laugh, defeating his rival at WrestleMania 19 in what was an incredibly emotional bout. 

That was, of course, The Texas Rattlesnake's final match in WWE and The Rock only wrestled a handful of matches following it too.

But what if the pair were to step inside the ring one more time to go at it again... just for old times' sake? 

It's something that we know will never happen, but that didn't stop Austin teasing it recently. 

During an appearance on 'A Little Late With Lilly Singh', he was asked who would win a present-day WWE match between the pair and made his feelings very clear.

Stone Cold and The Rock met three times at WrestleMania

"Man, if you're asking me, it's gonna be Stone Cold Steve Austin cause I would walk in there, stomp a mudhole in his ass and walk it dry," Stone Cold said.

"See, Rock's been out there making all these movies. He's the number one movie star in the world and I know he's been in the gym, but man I'm still pretty hard. I'm still pretty salty.

"You know, I'm still leaning on them beers and to match us up right here, right now, I'm predicting Stone Cold Steve Austin. I'm sure The Rock would tell you Dwayne Johnson... 

Rock and Austin were two of WWE's biggest stars

"I tell you, it'd be a hell of a match. And it was always the deal where I brought out the best in him and he brought out the best in me." 

That's fighting talk. We've got to wonder what The Rock thinks of that?

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