Australian Open: Nick Kyrgios calls Novak Djokovic 'a tool' for quarantine demands


The Australian Open is now underway, with the qualifying matches completed before the tournament officially begins, however, there’s plenty of drama already taking place due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A total of 72 tennis players are going through two weeks of strict quarantine to ensure they are safe to compete in the tournament.

The country has had more of a success than most places in regard to their COVID-19 situation, with most restrictions lifted and life returning back to normal.

However, for those travelling to the country, the rules will have to be followed to ensure the competition will be safe for spectators and all tennis players.

Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic has spoke publicly regarding the current COVID quarantine protocols, and has called for them to be changed.

The Serbian world number one has requested for rules to be altered, including a reduction of time in isolation. On top of that, Djokovic has asked for permission to see coaches during the time of quarantine.

The requests were on behalf of players, who asked Djokovic to be the person to ask as he was the one who set up a separate player association last year.

After being reviewed, officials rejected the requests, and this has since divided opinion within the tennis community. However, the decision is final and won’t be changed despite Djokovic’s plea.

One player who is particularly unhappy with Djokovic’s comments is Nick Kyrgios, and he had no hesitation in saying so.

The Australian international quoted a video from a local news station covering the Djokovic list and added: “Djokovic is a tool. I don’t mind Bernie but his Mrs obviously has no perspective, ridiculous scenes.”


These are strong words from Kyrgios, in an unsurprisingly blunt fashion, as he has a particular persona within the sport (as tennis fans will know) for his outspoken attitude.

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