WWE news: Randy Orton debuts new look on RAW - wears a mask over 'severely burned face'

Orton debuted a new look on WWE RAW

Randy Orton kicked off this week's Monday Night RAW with a message for 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt and the rest of the WWE Universe.

Just one week ago, the show went off the air with Alexa Bliss shooting a fireball into The Viper's face. 

His social media accounts have since fallen silent and it looks like Orton is going to fully commit to selling these facial injuries. 

On this week's RAW he returned, debuting a drastic new look. 

The Viper opened the show with a pre-recorded backstage promo, standing in a dark room with a rather horrible-looking mask on. 

While WWE indicated last week that Orton's burns were minor, it now appears that's not the case. 

Under the mask, you can clearly see his entire face has been charred. Check out some images below:

Orton showed off his new look on RAW

Yep, that's quite the look, Randy. 

During his promo, Orton said that he's now wearing a mask not only to protect his face but to protect everyone else around him from the horror he's suffered.

He also made it clear he blames Wyatt, not Bliss, for the attack last week, before confirming that he'll still compete in the Royal Rumble match and go to WrestleMania. 

Bliss burned Orton's face last week

This, of course, will only be a temporary look for Orton. It's unclear if he'll even wrestle wearing the mask. That depends on how long his burns take to recover. 

It's important to remember as well that this is a kayfabe injury. Orton's face was not really severely burned on RAW last week. 

But it adds another brilliant dynamic to his WWE storyline with 'The Fiend' and both men now have suffered serious fire-related injuries at the hands of one another. 

Orton and Wyatt are no strangers to fire

We can't help but feel this is all building to another unique match at WrestleMania. But we'll have to wait and see what happens to know for sure.   

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