WWE news: Goldberg advertised to make appearance on RAW - Gillberg returns instead

Goldberg returned to WWE RAW - sort of

Goldberg will challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble. 

Returning on RAW Legend's Night, the 54-year-old laid down a challenge to the champion, suggesting that he doesn't respect those that came before him. 

Being the fighter he is, McIntyre accepted and the bout was made for this month's PPV. 

But then the WWE Champion caught coronavirus. He's been absent from the last two RAWs but will be back next week, ahead of the rumble. 

While McIntyre missed Monday's show for obvious reasons, Goldberg was advertised to appear - and he did - sort of. 

Well, actually, he didn't appear at all.

The announce team were hyping the WCW legend's appearance all night, suggesting that he'd join The Miz and John Morrison on The Dirt Sheet. 

The Dirt Sheet returned on RAW

But when the segment aired, Miz introduced 'the biggest guest in Dirt Sheet history' but Goldberg didn't come out from the back. 

Instead, it was Gillberg who appeared at the top of the stage and made his way down to the ring. 

Miz, Morrison and Gillberg then proceeded to mock Goldberg, before they were joined by 'Drew McIntyre' who was actually actor David Krumholtz. 

Yeah, it was a rather odd segment. Check out some clips below:  

To close The Dirt Sheet, Miz announced that both Goldberg and McIntyre are going to lose at the Royal Rumble because he's going to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract. 

While segments like this wouldn't usually be newsworthy - they're just funny - it's the fact that WWE were actually advertising an appearance by Goldberg that makes it 10x better. 

Now, both McIntyre and Goldberg have been advertised for next week's RAW, but we're pretty sure the actual stars will be showing up - not Gillberg and Krumholtz. 

Will the real McIntyre and Goldberg return next week?

With the Royal Rumble just weeks away, we'll need some actual build for that match.

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