WWE news: Batista shows off absolutely jacked physique after turning 52 years old

Batista is still absolutely jacked after leaving WWE

WWE legend Batista turned 52 on Monday. 

It's amazing to think he began his wrestling career in 1999, over two decades ago... time certainly flies.

But of course, it's what Dave Bautista has done since leaving WWE that has seen him become a household name.

Much like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, he's cracked Hollywood and carved out a very impressive career since stepping away from the ring. 

Of course, he's never lost the incredible physique he sculpted during his time in WWE and it's fair to say that 'tough guy' persona has become associated with many of his roles. 

Despite turning 52, Batista is still in incredible shape and shared some photos of himself looking absolutely jacked.

Check them out below: 

Batista turned 52 this week Batista is in incredible shape

Wow. he certainly still looks in peak condition, doesn't he?

Despite looking the part, Batista did suggest in the post's caption that his body will start 'sagging' at any moment now. 

"I’m 52 today so I figured I’d post some gratuitous shirtless shots for posterity. I’m expecting everything on my body to start sagging any moment now…It’s a constant struggle," he wrote. 

Batista is still in peak condition

"I’ve given up on above the neck but thankfully everything below the waist is holding strong and functioning properly. For now! Counting the days on that as well.

"Anyway without further adieu, I present to you 'Douchey Shirtless Selfies #52'... and on a serious note I thank god every day that I’m in good health and I’ve lived to be another year older.

"Especially this year. Being the best me I can be. Peace, love and cheers to better days ahead. #DreamChaser."

Yep, father time will catch up with us all and even WWE icons aren't exempt from that sentiment. 

But while his body may soon be 'sagging', we know Batista has plenty left in the tank as a Hollywood actor. We wouldn't bet against him returning to the ring one day either. 

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