Conor McGregor's best knockouts: Irishman's top five knockouts ahead of UFC 257


Conor McGregor’s long awaited return to the UFC Octagon is now only days aways.

Having been out of action since he blew Donald Cerrone away at the start of 2020, McGregor is absolutely chomping at the bit to get back in the thick of it.

The build up to his Fight Island rematch with Dustin Poirier is simmering nicely for now, but as fight night approaches, it is certain to explode.

In their first bout, McGregor made frightfully light work of Poirier, doing away with him inside the first round.

A quick fire combo saw McGregor land a brutal blow behind Poirier’s ear and the fight was ultimately called by the referee.

Poirier will be hoping for a better showing this time around but, with McGregor looking in the best shape of his life, it could be a tall order.


McGregor is undoubtedly the favourite for the fight and so we thought we would give you a little taste as to why.

McGregor is not necessarily known as a knock out merchant, but he has been responsible for some pretty memorable blows during his time.

So, with that in mind, we though we’d have a look at his top five.

5. Dustin Poirier

At number five is the aforementioned knock out of Poirier. It took McGregor just one minute and 40 odd seconds to do away with his opponent on that occasion.

4. Donald Cerrone

40 seconds of absolute carnage. From the get-go McGregor was ruthless in the way he hunted Cerrone down and tore him to pieces. Cerrone never stood a chance.


3. Chad Mendes

A giant left caught Mendes flush on the jaw sending him sprawling to the canvas before the referee intervened and called the fight to an end.

2. Eddie Alvarez

A flawless performance from McGregor lead to him landing three quick-fire blows to the head of Alvarez. He then pounced on his stricken opponent but the damage had already been done.

1. Jose Aldo 


There was only ever going to be one winner. It took McGregor just 13-seconds to smoke Aldo with a  stonking-great left hook.

The onrushing Brazilian, who went out like a light, smacked face first into the canvas before the referee called it.

Can McGregor add another brutal KO to his record on Saturday night? Only time will tell.

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