PlayStation 5: Scalpers publicly brag after snapping up 2,000 more consoles


Sony’s launch of the brand new PlayStation 5 has not exactly gone smoothly.

With gamers all over the globe clamouring to get their hands on the shiny next-gen console, stocks have been spread to breaking point.

The demand in the UK has been especially high and Sony simply haven’t been capable of meeting it.

However, the biggest issue in the UK market has not necessarily been the limited amount of stock, but the antics of opportunistic scalpers, who have made the launch an absolute nightmare.

Using bots and specially designed software, scalpers work in groups to identify the most in-demand online items before they go on sale, before using further technology to skip ahead of online queues.

They then gobble up what little stock is available and advertise it online for massively inflated prices.

They are ruthlessly efficient. The everyday, man-on-the-street simply can’t get hold of a console through the regular channels when competing against a well designed bot.

Knowing that they then have no other choice, they cough up extortionate amounts of money to get their hands on the scalper’s stock.

The profit margins are immense – scalpers are believed to have made millions since the initial launch – but it is a truly dirty game.

PlayStation have been desperate to curb the effect and influence of scalpers but, after a recent UK stock drop, they show no signs of slowing down. 

After today’s UK restock, a group has even publicly bragged that the business of scalping ‘gets easier every time’.

Per a report from GamingBible, a bot known as ‘Carnage’ managed to snap up no less than 2000 consoles in a matter of minutes after they went on sale in the GAME online store on Tuesday.


The @freshkickz account mentioned in the earlier tweet above has since disappeared off of the platform while Carnage’s tweets lie behind a protected wall.

Despite that, fans who do follow the account were able to get a screenshot of the shameless brag.

While the UK government is taking steps to end the scourge of scalping, the process is still very much in its infancy and has a long way to go.

With retailers powerless to stop the clever tech, it seems that the true fans are set to go on suffering.

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