Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi: Arthur settles the debate after playing with them both

  • Kobe Tong

Juventus midfielder Arthur is part of one of football's most exclusive and enviable clubs.

I think we can all agree that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the best two footballers of their generation, regardless of who you think is better, so just imagine being able to play with both.

And considering Messi has played his entire club career with Barcelona, while his eternal rival has only moved twice since leaving Sporting Lisbon behind, it's a pretty difficult feat to achieve.

Playing with Messi and Ronaldo

Nevertheless, there is a small group of players who can claim to have shared a dressing room with the Ballon d'Or-winning pair including the likes of Henrik Larsson, Gerard Pique and Paulo Dybala.

However, Arthur is the most recent entry into the club after kissing goodbye to Barcelona last summer, opting for a Juventus switch with Miralem Pjanic moving in the opposite direction.

Naturally, that makes him something of a target for reporters when it comes to establishing which player they believe to be superior.


Picking between the two stars

Besides, while mere mortals like you and I might spend hours trawling through the statistics, this rare breed of player will have been able to tell for themselves with their own two eyes.

That being said, as you can imagine, most players who have starred alongside both are unwilling to give a definitive answer out of respect or wait until they've retired to provide their honest opinion.

But Arthur has bucked the trend. That's because the Brazilian made no secret of the player he preferred, though, naturally, he did tip his hat to both superstars for their undoubted brilliance.


Arthur on Ronaldo vs Messi

According to talkSPORT, the Juventus general told Desimpedidos: “I’d go with Cristiano, we’re playing together!”

“I’m not that close to Cristiano that I go round his house for coffee, but we have a good relationship.

"Cristiano never backs down if there’s a teammate in need of something and he always gets to it with a fierce determination.

“He trains like an animal, he doesn’t know when to rest and he encourages you to give your all. He always tells me what to eat, not leaving anything to chance.”


Comparing their leadership

Ah, we see how it is, Arthur, you're going with the superstar you currently share a dressing room with, but to the Juventus man's credit, he didn't hold back from providing an in-depth comparison.

The 24-year-old continued: “Cristiano Ronaldo expresses himself more than Messi and he gets on with everyone in the dressing room.

“He’s very active in the dressing room. He talks to everyone and has a good relationship with everyone. Maybe the fact we speak the same language makes it easier.

“Each person has their own way of demonstrating leadership. Messi does it with actions, as much as it seems he doesn’t.

“He demonstrates it when he receives the ball, with his will to win the game and all his teammates notice this.” 


So, yes, Arthur did give a definitive answer of Ronaldo and heavily insinuated that he considers his current teammate to be the superior leader, which he'd previously said in December too.

But make no mistake that the former Barcelona midfielder is also a massive fan of Messi and he probably has to pinch himself from time to time that he's played with both of the legends.

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