Gary Neville: Man United legend's commentary the subject of brilliant Twitter thread

Gary Neville is a regular commentator on Sky Sports

Gary Neville has made quite a name for himself as a pundit and commentator in recent years.

The Manchester United legend's analysis on Sky Sports is top notch, especially when he's paired up with Jamie Carragher on the Monday Night Football.

In the commentary box, the 45-year-old is pretty darn good as well and he's even got his own catchphrase.

Well, we say phrase, it's more of a sound, as whenever there's a major incident on the pitch, Neville nearly always responds with a 'oooo'.

It's happened on so many occasions that one fan has created a quite brilliant Twitter thread on the subject.

Neville & Carragher

@UtdJL has even graded Neville's 'oooo' moments featured in the thread and there's no prize for guessing which clip has received the highest rating.

Let's take a look at some classic commentary from G Nev...

Neville Twitter thread

Two beauties from Manchester derbies to kick things off. Imagine the scenes in the commentary box if United had scored from Ederson's mistake!

A poor effort from Neville when Harry Maguire kicked out at Michy Batshuayi. However, his reaction to Victor Wanyama's thunderbolt against Liverpool was epic. He even changed tone mid 'oooo' - what a moment!

Two more incidents from that famous Liverpool versus Tottenham game. Neither are anywhere near good as the Neville vocals that accompanied Wanyama's goal, though.

Yep, two more solid efforts here. Had Neville concentrated on the 'oooo' for a tad longer when Paulo Gazzaniga clattered into Chelsea's Marcos Alonso, it would surely have received a 10/10 rating.

But don't worry, the next pair of clips receive full marks...

Will Neville ever top his 'goalgasm' when narrating the moment Fernando Torres fired Chelsea to the Champions League final in 2012? No, he will not.

His 'oooo' in response to claims of a handball against Sheffield United's Ollie McBurnie was impressive too, but even that pales in comparison to the one heard from the Camp Nou.

The final clip features not one, not two, but THREE uses of 'oooo' in succession from Neville, which is just absolutely glorious.

Well played, Gary.

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