Australian Open: UFC superstar Conor McGregor slams players for quarantine complaints


UFC 257 might just be days away, but that hasn’t stopped main event combatant Conor McGregor from making a quick jab at the tennis world.

This comes after Australian Open players have been complaining that they are being forced into a 14-day hotel quarantine in order to compete in the tournament.

It is their complaints that have prompted a response from the Irishman who has said that the players “should be happy they’re still getting to compete.”

‘The Notorious one’ is currently preparing for his main event fight with Dustin Poirier this Saturday, but that hasn’t stopped him from showing sympathy to the millions that are struggling worldwide due to the pandemic.

“People can’t even go to work. Children can’t even go to school” said the UFC legend whilst on Channel 10’s The Project.

“Professional athletes are complaining about a little bit of isolation. Come on, guys.”

It’s safe to say the Irishman isn’t impressed with the complaints of the tennis players, with him also stating that “it is everyone’s duty to do what they can to stop the spread of Covid.”

The tennis players were forced into hard quarantine after passengers in three chartered planes which brought the players to Melbourne for the tournament had people aboard who tested positive for the virus.

Some of the comments made by the players have been seen as being very out of touch and inconsiderate.

Spanish player Roberto Bautista who is currently seeded in 13th in the world has claimed the hotel quarantine is 'like jail with wifi.'

Ukrainian Marta Kostyuk has also compared the hotel stay to 'torture.'

It is comments like these that have caused McGregor to state that the players need to 'get their act together.'

Conor also believes that isolation could be a good thing for the tennis stars. “Magical things can happen when you spend time with yourself.”

“Find comfort in your own self because when I isolated… it built up my own motivation, I became really self-motivated and I rose up.”

McGregor played a huge part in helping with the virus in his home country Ireland, he was very outspoken about the measures that he believed needed to be took in the country to help control the spread.

Conor was also very generous, as he helped to supply PPE, medical equipment, and machinery for hospitals in Ireland.

The rate of infection has risen massively in Ireland in December, to which McGregor has promised that he will continue to urge others to do their part.

“We have got to recalibrate. We have got to readjust. I will continue to urge what I have been urging all this time, do your part, keep your distance.”

McGregor, for now though, must keep his concentration on Saturday nights main event as he looks to keep his title chase alive by defeating number two lightweight contender Dustin Poirier.

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