Boxing: Floyd Mayweather takes to Instagram to give weird tour of his $10M mansion.


You probably didn't need another reminder that Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather does in fact have quite a bit of money, but the he has taken to Instagram anyway to give us all a little refresher.

Floyd is about to collect another huge pay cheque by taking on quite possibly his biggest challenge yet in YouTube’s ‘Maverick’ Logan Paul.

Mayweather has had a very decorated career and has certainly earned his right to be called one of the best pound for pound fighters of all time.

However, the head of the ‘Money Team’ flaunting his cash at any given opportunity is becoming old very quickly.

His latest expose of flaunting his cash came during an Instagram live session, where Floyd proceeded to give a tour of his $10 million mansion.

The tour began in Floyd’s huge garage, which included some of the world’s most luxurious and sought-after cars.

The likes of Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Rolls-Royce were all on display.
Moving on from the garage, Floyd shows off his pool, palatial hall and a living room, which Floyd claimed has a “real sexy look.”

You can watch the full video here.

This is where the tour got weird, as viewers watched on as Floyd proceeded to take a huge break mid-tour to apply moisturiser, in a bathroom bigger than most one-bedroom apartments.

Fair play to you Floyd, your house does look incredibly nice for a bloke who is yet to learn to read. Conor McGregor and 50 Cent’s words, not mine.

As previously mentioned, Floyd goes against YouTuber Logan Paul in his next fight in an exhibition bout next month, where he will look to extend his record to 51-0.

The bookies of course are all in Floyd’s favour, but the curiosity into what happens if Logan wins is very interesting.

This is just the latest turn in the world of YouTube boxing, who knew that this is how things would end up Joe Weller took on friend Theo Baker in the boxing ring.

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