Frank Lampard: Twitter thread of Mourinho story shows why Chelsea should 'keep the faith'


Frank Lampard would be unemployed by now if some Chelsea fans had their way.

There will never be a debate surrounding Lampard's legendary status as a player at Stamford Bridge, but his return to west London as a manager hasn't exactly been a fairy tale.

On the back of more than £200 million of spending in the summer, expectations are high in west London with many tipping Chelsea as outside contenders for the Premier League title.

Chelsea and Lampard under pressure

As a result, starting the season in worse form than they did under the transfer ban has left supporters tearing their hair out, watching their side win just two league games since November.

And if a report by talkSPORT is to be believed, then Chelsea might well make the decision to sack Lampard after he watched his side slump to a 2-0 defeat at Leicester City on Tuesday.

The moral of the story here is that things are pretty gloomy at Stamford Bridge right now and supporters are in desperate need of some optimism.


Chelsea fan's Twitter thread

And while we can't make all the dark clouds go away, we have stumbled across a fantastic Twitter thread from user @CFCCentral1 that we couldn't resist sharing with you.

Now, it's already achieved decent numbers, it must be said, but its fascinating use of a true story about Jose Mourinho's treatment of Kevin De Bruyne makes us think it deserves even more hype.

They're not weaving you a bunch of lies - you can check out De Bruyne's actual quotes here - and the anecdote seamlessly links into Chelsea's current situation. 

'How so?' I hear you asking. Well, there's no way we could describe it that would do a better job than the thread itself, so do yourself a favour and give the whole thing a read down below:

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'Keep the faith'

But even if you disagree with 99.9% of the thread, you've got to acknowledge the point that Lampard has had a comparatively minuscule timeframe in which to make all these signings gel together.

It's unrealistic for the Chelsea chiefs to expect their £200 million splurge to coalesce into a Premier League title-challenging side within six months on the back of a virtually non-existent pre-season.

Sure, we'll concede that there are good reasons to think that Lampard isn't the right man to lead the Blues in the long-term generally, but failing to get the best out of his signings shouldn't come into it yet.


Besides, by those ambitious estimations, Jurgen Klopp should have been getting pelters for Fabinho and Andrew Robertson not being world-beaters in their first six months - and look at them now.

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