Floyd Mayweather: Boxing legend joins Muhammad Ali after being given highest WBC honour


Floyd Mayweather is a bit of a controversial figure in the boxing world but there can be no questioning his immense talent.

The 50-0 superstar dominated the sport for decades, earning the right to the massive pay days he has landed over the last couple of years.

Some might argue that Floyd intentionally ducked fights with his biggest opponents until they were past their peak but even then, to remain unbeaten is a stunning achievement.

Now, Mayweather spends his time flaunting his monumental wealth and taking part in questionable exhibitions.

His upcoming bout with YouTuber Logan Paul raised a lot of eyebrows when it was first announced but you can be sure Mayweather will be laughing all the way to the bank in the aftermath.

The bank notification after his inevitable dismantling of Paul might not be the most exciting happening in early 2021 for Mayweather though, with the WBC moving to award him its highest honour.


The World Boxing council will move to have Mayweather's face added to their championship belts alongside the likes of Muhammad Ali.

It is an honour reserved for only the greatest of champions and, whatever you might think of the American, Floyd is certainly one of those.

Floyd joins Muhammad Ali and Don Jose Sulaiman as the constant images on each WBC Green and Gold World Championship Belt.

The remaining pictures are made up of the two greatest champions and the current reigning champ in each particular division.

The famed green and gold belts first appeared in 1970 with each one made as an original masterpiece since.

“I’m honoured to have the WBC include my likeness on their Green and Gold belts for eternity,” said Mayweather.

“I remember the first time I won a WBC belt and saw the photos of the great champions on there and always wanted to be there too.


“It is a dream come true for me to be alongside the great Ali. Also, WBC founder Don Jose. To be recognized by them to contribute to the organization and the sport.

“I am beyond grateful to receive this honour.”

Mayweather will have his sights firmly set on Paul as he looks to avoid being rumbled by the 0-1 content creator.

If it were to happen - it won't - it would be one of the biggest upsets in the sporting world.

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