Boxing: Mike Tyson opens up on how he turned his life around following cocaine struggles


Mike Tyson has lived quite a life, there can be no doubting that.

The heavyweight legend has found himself constantly in the headlines ever since he exploded onto the boxing scene in the 1980's.

Controversy relentlessly haunted the fiery American who more than earned his frightful title as the the 'Baddest Man on the Planet'.

His terrifying speed and mythical power saw him become the youngest heavyweight champion and a global household name.

However, the fame and glory of those heady days proved to be a curse for the young superstar as his behaviour both outside and inside the ring lurched from one disaster to the next.

He would eventually wind up in jail after being convicted of rape, spending what should have been some of his finest boxing years behind bars instead.

Not much changed for Tyson upon release as he continued to find himself at the forefront of intense media attention.


His boxing just wasn't the same, either, leading to one of the most controversial moments in the history of sport.

On the ropes in his 1997 rematch super fight with Evander Holyfield, Tyson's frustration boiled over as he bit a chunk out of his opponents ear.

Tyson was duly disqualified and handed an eye-watering fine by the powers-that-be in the boxing world.


His career never truly recovered as Tyson got caught up in a tail spin of drug and alcohol abuse.

Thankfully, he would eventually turn his life around, making a remarkable comeback at the end of 2020 to face Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout. 

Speaking on that comeback, Tyson highlighted that his life began to turn around the day he gave up cocaine and alcohol.

Appearing on Below the Belt, host Brendan Schaub highlighted the noticeable difference in Tyson compared to his appearance five years prior.


"That must of been my cocaine days. That was probably just a day I zoned out.

"I stopped doing cocaine and drinking, I'm serious man, everything changed, my whole life."

Now, Tyson plans on further 'legend fights' as he looks to build on the success of the Jones Jr. match.

In incredible shape and with a clear mind, Tyson could go on to achieve big things this year.

For the sports loving public, though, it's just a real joy to have him back at his best.

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