Eddie Hall vs Thor: The Beast reveals brutal training regime behind body transformation


Eddie Hall’s preparations for his mega fight with Hafthor Bjornsson are ramping up with each passing day.

Aptly titled the ‘Heaviest Boxing Match in History’, Hall vs Bjornsson has got fans excited across the combat sports spectrum.

Hall has transformed himself from a stonking great world strong man competitor to a chiselled, toned boxer with a quite terrifying physique.

The giant Brit, who has gone from a 197kg chunk to a 161kg menace, looks in incredible shape and attributes the monumental weight loss to his relentless exercise regime.

Speaking in the continued build up to his September date with ‘The Mountain’, per an article in the Daily Star, Hall outlined what a regular week in his training life might entail.

“Been training really hard recently and I’m mega fired and hungry for success.” he began.

“Doing five cardio sessions a week – including boxing, cycling, swimming, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) land training. [This is] on top of four weight sessions.”


Sounds brutal.

On top of all that, Hall still finds time for four of his now famous weight sessions. What a tank.

However, swimming in particular is not an exercise you might have thought was all that important to an athlete like Hall.

The Brit, who has been using swimming for years, has previously highlighted the importance of water work in maintaining and improving his fitness.


“I found it helped massively with lung capacity, heart function, and more than anything the mobility, because it helps the ligaments and capillaries and everything keep moving, so to speak.

“So I do an hour of swimming once a week – a minute on and a minute off.

“I do two laps as fast as I can, have a minute rest, and repeat that for an hour. It’s great cardio, great for mobility, and great for lung capacity.”

Hall’s opponent, Bjornsso,  made his boxing debut recently in a fight that was ultimately declared a draw. 


However, it did offer us the first real insight into the capabilities of either of the pair in a competitive match. 

Unsurprisingly, there was plenty of power on show, but Bjornsson’s agricultural technique could use some refining.

With nine months of preparation still on the cards, you can expect both men to improve in leaps and bounds before the opening bell rings out.

By the time the titans clash, they should be more than competent boxers. It promises to be an almighty clash.

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