WrestleMania 37: WWE to have crowds upwards of 25,000 for each night of event

WWE will have a crowd of 25,000 or more at WrestleMania

WrestleMania 37 will take place over two nights again this year.

On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April, WWE will roll into Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, put on their annual 'Showcase of the Immortals' and roll straight back out again.

It's expected to be the first event held outside the 'ThunderDome' since August and as of now, the plan is to invite a live crowd back.

That means fans could be in attendance for the first time since February 2020, offering a much-needed boost to the atmosphere at ringside.  

Because let's be honest, wrestling simply isn't the same without thousands of people yelling 'you deserve it' or 'whaaaaaaat?' at those inside the ring.

Raymond James Stadium normally has a capacity of 65,890. But these, of course, are not normal times.

While WWE have suggested they will be bringing back fans for WrestleMania, they haven't yet officially confirmed how many tickets are going on sale. 

Raymond James Stadium will host WrestleMania 37

According to the reliable source WrestleVotes, the plan is to have 25,000 people in for each night of the show. 

"WWE is planning on permitting upwards of 25,000 fans for WrestleMania on each night. The real internal discussions are what to do after" the account tweeted.

"Some would like a soft 'reopening' of the touring schedule for Live TV as continuing the ThunderDome post 'Mania comes with location headaches."

The ThunderDome poses WWE some problems

If WWE can get 25,000 fans in for both nights of WrestleMania, that really would be fantastic given the current circumstances. 

We'll certainly have our fingers crossed hoping nothing will change. What's also interesting, is it seems there are internal discussions about returning to a touring schedule soon after. 

Bringing fans back for just WrestleMania is one thing, but the sports entertainment needs a strong crowd for every show. 

WWE want to bring back crowds soon

Right now, it might not be possible to run every single RAW, SmackDown and NXT in front of a live audience.

But with the ThunderDome posing problems of its own, WWE might soon return to that touring schedule they are so famous for. 

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