WWE news: Roman Reigns confirms big, much-needed change is coming for his character

Reigns is getting a much needed character change in WWE

Roman Reigns shocked the sports entertainment business when he returned at SummerSlam five months ago and turned heel. 

'The Head of the Table' aligned himself with Paul Heyman and one week later, won the Universal Championship at Payback. 

Since then, he's dominated on SmackDown, running roughshod over the roster. 

For so many years, fans had been calling for Reigns to turn heel. He never truly got over as 'the good guy' but is killing his role as an entitled bad*** who only looks out for number one. 

While Roman's entire character changed at SummerSlam, one thing has remained the same. His entrance music.

Yep, it's still the same theme he had during his days with The Shield and it hasn't been changed since he debuted on the main roster. 

But this week, Reigns confirmed fans might not have to wait too much longer to hear something different, because he and WWE are working on creating new music. 

WWE are working on getting Reigns some new music

"We’re working on it," he told Bleacher Report.

"It’s not easy because, with this character, it has to be the right vibe. We can’t just hire a rapper and check out this guitar riff. It can’t be some rock music.

"The Shield music, I wasn’t even really into it back in the day; but over the years, it just started working. 

Reigns still has the same music from his Shield days

"You get so used to it that I just time my pace to it. But yeah, it takes some time and it has to be right."

Reigns also urged fans to be patient in waiting for the 'perfect' music to arrive. 

"In order to move away from something you’ve had for so long and is so recognisable like the music that I have now, it’s got to be perfect. 

Reigns is waiting for the 'perfect' music for his character

"It’s taking some time, but we’re definitely working on it, so please be patient." 

WWE fans will no doubt be excited to hear that Roman is indeed working on new entrance music. He'll need a good time to debut that 'perfect' theme though. WrestleMania 37 perhaps?

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