FIFA 21 tips and tricks: ePremier League champion reveals how to improve on Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team tips and tricks shared by FIFA 21 champion

The ePremier League finals will return later this year. 

Some of the best FIFA players from across the country will soon compete in a knockout tournament to decide who the true champion is. 

Last year, it was Tom Leese - or Hashtag Tom as he's better known - who took the glory. 

Winning the ePremier League finals lifted his reputation to that of one of the best FIFA players in the world and he's since gone on to reaffirm that status. 

Now, there's no doubt that plenty of us fancy ourselves as decent gamers, while others just enjoy playing the game casually. 

But winning a game of FIFA - especially on Ultimate Team - is certainly more fun than losing. 

Of course, reaching the same level as someone like Hashtag Tom will take a serious amount of time and effort. Even then, it may not be enough. 

FIFA is a tough game to master

So while you might not ever make it pro, Tom does have plenty of tips for FIFA fans who just want to get better at the game. 


"Watch what the pros do on YouTube and you can add their details to your game. You can always improve. There’s always something to work on," he said.

Keep an eye out for Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) if you want to make coins because there are some that are good value for money.

"Try and build your coins up in Rivals games and Squad Battles as well if you have the time. Aim for the higher ranks. That’s how you get coins and eventually better players." 

Squad Battles are a good way to build coins on FIFA 21


But exactly which cards should you be going after? According to Tom, there are a number of 'overpowered' players in Ultimate Team. Some are incredibly expensive, others are not.

"The most effective cards would be between the Brazilian Ronaldo and Pele.

A lot of pros use Pele this year. He’s very quick, good at changing direction. Those two ICONs are very overpowered.

"As a cheaper option, use Renato Sanches in midfield. He is the definition of an all-action midfielder. I see a lot of people using him." 

Pele is arguably the best card in FIFA Ultimate Team


For those players who can't afford the best players, Tom has a few cheaper options that gamers should be looking to pick up. 

"James Tavernier, the Rangers full-back. He’s actually very useful at right-back and CDM. If you bring him on as a sub in midfield it turns out he’s actually an all-rounded CM. I’d recommend him.

"Ousmane Dembele’s gold Barcelona card too - he's very useful - and 82-rated Ryan Gravenberch is a very good box-to-box midfielder too.

"If I was to give you one more it would be Quincy Promes. He’s a cheap gold card and very useful. Definitely get them on your bench, they’re great super subs."  

Dembele is a cheap card in FIFA Ultimate Team


In FIFA 21, skill moves can be very important. Not only do they look cool, but they can be effective too. The ePremier League champion has a couple of favourite moves in his repertoire.

"One that I use a lot is the 'ball roll scoop turn'. You do a ball roll and turn really quickly. You can only do it with five-star skillers," Tom explains.

It’s very good for changing direction when you’re running out wide and someone’s trying to tackle you. If you ball roll away from the defender and scoop turn out of it, it’s a very effective change of direction.

"The other one is a new skill move for FIFA 21, a lot of cards can do it and you don’t need five-star skills. It’s ‘the bridge’. 

Hashtag Tom uses many skills in FIFA

"It’s very useful if the defender isn’t running because it can give you a speed boost to run away from him so it’s very useful. If you use it in the right areas it can be very unpredictable.

"Those are the best two skill moves in FIFA 21."

Armed with these tips and tricks, there's no reason you can't build a great Ultimate Team to challenge for those Weekend League rewards!

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