Leroy Sane admits he regrets infamous back tattoo of him celebrating Man City goal


Are you really a professional footballer if you’ve not got a tattoo?

It seems you’re very much in the minority if your body and arms aren’t inked in one way or another.

We apologise for sounding a bit ‘old man yells at cloud’.

We have absolutely no problem with tattoos but we’ve seen some shocking ones on footballers.

When a young man has loads of money and plenty of time on their hands, it’s understandable that they make a few crazy decisions.

And Leroy Sane certainly made one of those with his infamous back tattoo.

The German got his entire back designed and, at first glance, it doesn’t look too bad.


But it was a spontaneous decision that he now really regrets.

Firstly, the main image of him celebrating is from Manchester City’s 5-3 victory over Monaco in the Champions League back in 2017. The problem was they went and lost the tie following a 3-1 defeat in France. Awkward.


He also, of course, was wearing a Man City shirt. When he refused to sign a new contract at the club and moved to Bayern Munich, he obviously needed to get that changed and removed the City crest.

He did and is now seen wearing a design of the Germany national team shirt.


However, his shorts still show No.19 – he now wears No.10 at Bayern.

It’s probably not too surprising to hear that he now has some regret over the infamous tattoo.

“I was young. Today I would make a different decision. I was someone who first had to run into the wall, especially when I was young, even if it hurt, in order to learn from it,” he told Bild in an interview.


“I was amazed that this topic got so big in the media. I was still an absolute youngster. In Germany there were players much more important than me, and yet this tattoo was debated.”

Kid does something stupid that he regrets later in his life. A lesson for children everywhere.

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