UFC 257: Slow-mo footage shows the moment Conor McGregor's leg 'completely buckled'


Dustin Poirier’s leg kicks may have been the weapon that won the fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 257.

Poirier ended the fight in the second round, handing the Irishman his first knockout loss.

Following the defeat, images emerged of McGregor’s swollen leg after numerous blows from his opponent.

It was something that McGregor referred to post-fight.

“My leg is completely dead, and even though I felt like I was checking them [Poirier’s leg kicks] it was just sinking into the muscle at the front of my leg,” he admitted.

“My leg was compromised and I didn’t adjust and that’s it, fair play to Dustin.”


After bumping into his victorious opponent backstage after his loss, McGregor, whilst on crutches, said: “You broke my leg, you b******. Great going, brilliant.”

And now, slow-mo footage has emerged of the apparent moment that McGregor’s leg ‘completely bucked.’

The footage shows a brutal left-footed kick by Poirier which landed on McGregor’s shin with most of his weight on it. It turned out to be a pivotal moment in the fight as Notorious lasted just 15 seconds more.

After only the third defeat of his career, McGregor responded in classy fashion during his post-fight press conference.

"It's heartbreaking and hard to take," said 32-year-old McGregor, per Sky Sports. "My leg is completely dead. It's like an American football in my suit at the minute.

"If you put in the time in here, you're going to get cosy in here and I just have to dust it off and come back and that's what I will do. I need activity, you don't get away with being inactive in this business.


"As long as you stay active and as long as you compete, things shape around you. You show up, you reap the rewards. That's what happened for Dustin and it's what's happened against me.

"I'll keep my eyes on the prize. Don't write me off yet, I'll make my adjustments and keep moving. I'll go back, get healthy and I'll re-prepare. I've got to a great place in my body physically and I'll continue to grow that."

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