Boxing: Mike Tyson finally reveals reasons behind ‘really dark’ press conference meltdowns


Mike Tyson was a rather fiery chap back in the day.

'The Baddest Man on the Planet', known for his thunderous temper, had a frightfully short fuse and when it went off, it went off spectacularly.

In the ring, Tyson was almost barbaric in the way he dismantled opponents but outside of it was where his legendary rage was truly honed.

Many a reporter could tell terrifying tales of moments in which 'Iron Mike' took exception to a line of questioning or simply shut down during an interview.

Tyson was hardly ever bothered by the fact that he was being interviewed on live television, resorting to expletives and unnecessary back-handed verbal jabs.

In truth, interviewing the heavyweight star was a fraught ordeal that could tip either way in the blink of an eye.

However, while his interview antics were enough to make one's blood run cold, it was at his pre-fight press conferences where Tyson really could explode.

Who can ever forget the abhorrent tirade Tyson roared out after completely losing his cool at that infamous Lennox Lewis pre-fight conference.

After the pair had very nearly come to blows right there on the stage, Tyson took exception to a comment flung his way by a member of the gathered audience.

What followed was simply nauseating as Tyson fluently wielded every expletive and homophobic slur in the book.

However, in the years that have passed since his controversial career, Tyson has mellowed and is now able to look back on those angry days with perspective.

Speaking on his extremely popular podcast, Hotboxin', Tyson tried to explain some of the reasons behind his behaviour at press conferences.


“I was always crossing the line," he said.

I remember one time Larry Holmes put his hand out and I didn’t shake his hand. I was that kind of guy, I was really dark, because I was insecure.

It's always interesting to listen to Tyson speak on his career.

He was the youngest heavyweight champion in history but, as controversy ruthlessly stalked him, his career stuttered and never truly fulfilled its stratospheric potential.


Now, Tyson has got his life back on track, got himself back in shape and is even fighting again.

His comeback exhibition bout with fellow heavyweight legend Roy Jones Jr. was a massive success and Tyson is hoping for fights of similar ilk in 2021.

A potential trilogy bout with Evander Holyfield has been touted which could prove to be a massive occasion.

Whatever happens for Tyson in 2021, it is probably safe to say that his days of making headlines for all the wrong reasons are behind him. 

That can only be good  news for the boxing world.

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