FIFA: Every single game has been ranked from 'Legendary' to 'Abysmal'


FIFA is certainly the most popular and successful football game on the console.

Year on year, EA Sports sells millions of copies – which are picked up by football fans aiming to re-live the ‘beautiful game’ as they compete online against other gamers from around the world.

However, not every release is created to be identical, and the FIFA games are all completely different in quality and gameplay.

Every gamer has their personal favourite FIFA, with some entries sitting high on the memorable list and others not being well received, leaving fans in disappointment and wanting more from EA Sports.

So with that in mind, we've decided to put together a tier list of every single FIFA game right up until the latest release FIFA 21.

Now, of course, this is just a personal opinion, so if you find yourself disagreeing with where we've placed an edition, that's perfectly okay, you're allowed to disagree. But just remember, we're allowed to have our own opinion too.

So let's get cracking.


FIFA 10 gets a mention as one of the greatest releases of all time. The turn of the decade saw FIFA step up their game and make substantial changes to the gameplay. The inclusion of 360 dribbling was a huge addition to ensure the change of direction felt realistic. To defend against it was a nightmare, but it created a freedom in attacking and a fun way to score goals.

Likewise, FIFA 13 was another good release from EA. The entertainment it brought gamers through its soundtrack bettered the experience. EA introduced an improved visual on player kits which made for a genuine in-game experience. The feature of Ultimate Team also received a boost, with more players getting involved in the game mode.

FIFA 08 fell victim to a few issues. The main one being the lack of creativity with manager mode. This experience was supposed to give fans the prospective of a real-life manager, however, this created no imagination and provided a basic glimpse of the role.

In the modern day, you would expect the latest FIFA to be appreciated by all, but this is not the case. FIFA 21 has come under a lot of criticism. Although the graphics are considerably enhanced, the on the pitch play is particularly underwhelming. Incidents such as goalkeepers failing to make simple saves leave the majority in rage, the sluggishness of the passing and the investment in Career Mode, or lack of it should we say, seems like a missed opportunity.


Similarly, this was the case for FIFA 20 sharing the same issues. Though ground-breaking on release, FIFA International Soccer joins in the abysmal tier largely due to gaming being relatively new and the overall detail in presentation lacked for a pleasant experience.

So there we have it, there is our FIFA tier list including every single edition released.

How are you feeling after reading? Triggered? Happy? Whatever you are feeling, just remember, that's totally fine!

Let's just hope FIFA 22 is better than FIFA 21... and FIFA 20... and FIFA 19... we could go on.

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