WWE news: Update on John Cena, The Rock and The Undertaker's WrestleMania 37 status

The Rock and Cena could return at WrestleMania 37

WWE are hoping to bring fans back for WrestleMania 37 in April. 

If they can, it will be the first show since February 2020 with in-person attendance. 

For 11 months, Vince McMahon has been running events in either empty arenas or in front of a virtual ThunderDome audience - but that will soon change. 

Once again this year, WrestleMania will take place over two nights and that means there are going to be plenty of matches on the card. 

So many, in fact, that according to reports, WWE are looking to bring back some big names. 

Given this will be the first event with fans in over a year, you can bet Vince McMahon will want to pull out all the stops in Tampa and that means bringing back some legends. 

The reliable WrestleVotes is reporting that John Cena and Goldberg are 'nearly locks' for WrestleMania. 

Cena could return to WWE at WrestleMania

That's absolutely massive news, especially concerning Cena. While those two are expected to return, the status of The Undertaker is not yet known and it's unlikely The Rock will appear.

"Once a decision was made to run the 2-night card for 'Mania, the creative team started working on 'bigger' ideas," WrestleVotes tweeted.

"Thought is WWE now needs 4 MAJOR matches, 2 per show. That probably requires outside assistance from big names. Cena and Goldberg nearly locks. Rock unlikely. Taker TBD." 

Cena and Goldberg are 'almost locks' to return at WrestleMania

WrestleVotes went on to write that a majority backstage think Undertaker is finished with WWE - but it only takes one call from McMahon to change that.

"Follow up on the Taker part. Majority of those backstage think he’s done. And rightfully so. However, it only takes one call, from one usually conVINCing man to change all that."

The Undertaker is less likely to appear

So, it sounds like there are plans in place to have some huge names return at WrestleMania. While Goldberg isn't too much of a shock, Cena certainly is. 

If he's involved in anything like the 'FireFly Fun House Match' at last year's event, then the 16-time world champion's comeback will be must-see. 

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