WWE news: Ronda Rousey responds to being named second-favourite to win the Royal Rumble

Rousey has hinted at a return to WWE

Ronda Rousey was last seen in a WWE ring during the main event of WrestleMania 35. 

In a historic bout, she went toe-to-toe with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, as the trio became the first women in history to headline the 'Showcase of the Immortals'.

The night will rightly be remembered for Lynch lifting both the SmackDown and RAW Women's Championships above her head, marking the beginning of one of the best title runs in history. 

But for Rousey, it marked the end of her time in WWE. She's been on hiatus for almost two years now and it's unclear if the former UFC star will ever wrestle again.

Reports from the past few months have suggested that she's still under contract with Vince McMahon's company, but that deal is expected to end soon. 

Fans are constantly speculating about Rousey's return and rather interestingly, she's amongst the favourites to win the upcoming Women's Royal Rumble. 

One betting website has Ronda as second-favourite behind Rhea Ripley and on Wednesday night, the woman herself responded to speculation of a return.

Rousey has hinted at a return to WWE

Quoting a tweet of the betting odds, she wrote:

"Best way to make a profit since r/wallstreetbets did that stuff with GameStop I don’t understand #RoyalRumble2021."

Rousey commented on Royal Rumble betting odds

Rousey, of course, is referencing the recent GameStop stock surge, perhaps hinting that fans would be smart to put their money on her winning. 

What kind of reception she'd get from a live crowd at WrestleMania - if she did win the Rumble and go on to the event - remains to be seen. 

Back in August, the former MMA star called out wrestling as 'fake fights for fun' and insulted fans. 

Rousey has recently called wrestling fake

"Anyone who is outraged by me calling pro wrestling 'fake fights for fun' have never been in a REAL fight," she said.

"While you all are tiptoeing around bruising some pro wrestlers' huge soft egos - no one is thinking about all the REAL fighters you're insulting when pretending pro wrestling is somehow on the same level of realism. 

"Yes, I understand, wrestling 300 days a year for years on end is incredibly tough on the body and a difficult profession - but do you know what would happen if you got in 300 REAL fights in a year? You would be dead." 

Rousey has made some controversial WWE comments

Good luck with that WWE return, Ronda...

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