WWE news: Triple H explains why he wouldn't be surprised to see The Undertaker to return

Triple H has spoken about The Undertaker

The Undertaker announced his retirement from WWE at Survivor Series last November. 

After 30 years in the ring, he finally decided to step away. 

But when legends 'retire', we almost always see them back in some capacity. 

Many make regular appearances as guests, while some even come out of retirement to wrestle 'one more match'. 

Edge, Daniel Bryan and Ric Flair, we're looking at you. 

Plus, it's well documented that one call from Vince McMahon would almost certainly convince The Undertaker to lace up his boots once again. 

While nothing is certain, many fans are speculating that The Phenom could be back as soon as WrestleMania 37. 

The Undertaker might not be done with WWE

On top of that, plenty of fellow WWE icons have been asked about whether they think 'Taker is actually done and not many give straight answers.

Speaking this week, Triple H was quizzed on that very topic and while he didn't explicitly suggest that Undertaker could make a return, he did say that WWE is a 'difficult business to put down'.  

"You would have to ask him that [if Undertaker is really done]," Triple H told The Michael Kay show.

The Undertaker and Triple H are two WWE legends

"This is a difficult business to put down. I’ve seen very few people that have been able to put it down, walk away and never ever be tempted to come back, never ever be tempted to step out on that stage and do what we do. There’s nothing like it."

The Game then went on to reference The Rock, Batista and John Cena as three stars who could also be tempted to make a comeback. 

"This is not a knock on anybody, but they can make all the movies they want. 

Triple H has shared his thoughts on The Undertaker

"Rock can be the biggest action star in Hollywood, but I would highly doubt that when he’s making a movie, his body’s covered with goosebumps, and he has the feeling he has when he’s standing in that ring at WrestleMania with 80-90,000 people in attendance going crazy. There’s nothing like it."

It seems Triple H is a big believer of 'never say never' in WWE. He wouldn't be surprised to see The Undertaker return one day.  

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