WWE news: Goldberg tells current generation of wrestling stars to 'get thicker skin'

Goldberg has hit out at the current generation of WWE stars

Goldberg has responded to criticism he faces as a part-time WWE star. 

The WCW legend, 54, will return to the ring during Sunday's Royal Rumble PPV, where he challenges Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. 

It's his strong booking - and continuous involvement in main event matches - that many fans and some full-time Superstars take issue with. 

Check out Goldberg's full reaction to that suggestion below. 

In the clip above, Goldberg joined 'After The Bell with Corey Graves' to discuss his upcoming match at the Royal Rumble.

During the appearance, he was asked if he agrees with The Undertaker's assessment that the current generation of WWE stars are 'too soft' and responded by saying: 

"Maybe so. When you hear the comments of me coming back and doing one or two matches a year and people are like, ‘He doesn’t deserve it. He doesn’t pay his dues. He was never on the road.’

"People forget very quickly what all of us did back in the day to earn the spot that we’re in now. 

Goldberg has hit out at the current generation

"I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world, but yes, I believe comparatively the business is soft, but the business is in 2021 so things have to change and things have to be different."

Goldberg believes that in recent years, WWE have struggled to build up stars to the same extent they did during his era. 

"Mega Superstars that are bigger than life, it’s hard in this generation seemingly to build those people up," he continued. 

Goldberg clashes with McIntyre on Sunday

"There are a couple people who have made it beyond relying upon the public to do that and they forced their way up and they’ve earned their shot and Drew McIntyre is one of them.

"I think mainly when I was talking to Drew in the beginning [claiming he didn't have respect], I was speaking to the locker room.

"I was speaking to everybody and he’s the leader so you have to go to the leader and make sure that everything is taken care of in the right way." 

McIntyre has been named as WWE's locker room leader

Goldberg concluded by suggesting that current WWE stars 'take offence too quickly' and need to 'get a thicker skin'.

"Like I said, times are quite different than they were back in the day. People are soft. People take offence to things way too quickly. Get a little thicker skin boys and girls. That’s all I can say.

"When legends came in when I was in the business, in the beginning, I was greatly appreciative of the eyes that they brought to our product. 

Goldberg has beaten many full-time WWE Superstars

"One day, those young kids are going to be in the position just like me and I hope that karma comes back to bite them in the a**. That’s all I can say because at 54 years old, I don’t know one of them that can be doing what I’m doing." 

Well, no one can accuse 'Bill' of pulling his punches. He'll have to back it all up in the ring on Sunday night though. 

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