WWE news: Charlotte Flair says Ronda Rousey isn't needed in the business


WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Charlotte Flair believes Ronda Rousey is no longer pivotal to the company's future success.

As the Universe gears up for the 34th Royal Rumble this weekend, one of the stars of this year's event at the Thunderdome in Orlando has been having her say on all matters WWE, not least the future of Rousey herself.

With the former UFC fighter reportedly having returned to full training after taking time out to have her first child, speculation is rife that she could make a return in Sunday's Women's Royal Rumble match.

As Flair made an appearance on YouTube show Vibe and Wrestling, however, the former RAW and SmackDown Women's champ stated that while 'Rowdy' unquestionably brought value to the roster, the 34-year-old does not feel her current absence hurts the brand.

When asked if Rousey's return was needed, Flair said: "Oh, ‘need’ is a very strong word. Do I think Ronda adds to the division? 100%. But ‘need?’ No."

Ronda Rousey in WWE

After Rousey made her first TV appearance at Wrestlmania XXXI in March 2015, the former UFC Champion teamed up with the returning Rock for an in-ring face-off with The Authority (Triple H and Stephanie McMahon). 

Officially signing with the WWE in 2017, Rousey made a surprise appearance at the 2018 Rumble, going on to make her in-ring debut at the Showcase of the Immortals later that year with tag team partner Kurt Angle - against the Authority.

Going on to win the RAW Womens's title at SummerSlam, her reign would continue until the following WrestleMania, where Rousey would lose in triple threat main event to Becky Lynch.

Since Rousey's absence, the women's roster has again flourished, but with Lynch's absence, also to have her own newborn, the division has perhaps needed an extra ingredient added.

A Rousey Return?

A return in 2021 then looks odds-on for Rousey, and whilst Flair would welcome such an eventuality, she was also quick to state that the current crop of female superstars are more than sufficient to carry them forward.

"We have an incredible list of already established stars, and ones that are on the rise. So ‘need’ is a strong word, but do I think she brings a lot to the table? 100%."


Set to defend her tag titles with Asuka this weekend, Rousey's former Four Horsewomen stablemate Shayna Baszler combines with Nia Jax, looking to take the gold in Florida.

All four woman could also make make up the 30 women to compete in the Rumble match. Could Rousey be one of them?

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