Goldberg hits back at WWE fans who criticise his booking - 'I couldn’t care less about them'

Goldberg doesn't care about WWE fan opinion

Goldberg has hit out at WWE fans who complain about his booking, saying that he 'couldn't care less' about those opinions. 

The WCW legend will face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble on Sunday night.

It will be his first bout since dropping the Universal title at WrestleMania 36 last year, and his fifth title match in the four years - despite wrestling just seven times in that period. 

Naturally, some members of the WWE Universe voiced their disappointment when Goldberg was confirmed at McIntyre's next opponent - but the 54-year-old simply doesn't care about that. 

"They can complain all they want. I was brought in for a reason. I’m a relief pitcher," he told FOX Sports.

"I’d like to think that I’m the top echelon relief pitcher and if they didn’t think there was value in bringing in that relief pitcher to close out the game, then they wouldn’t call me.

"I don’t make the decisions, I just follow orders and I go out and do my job. And I try to do my job to the best of my ability." 

Goldberg has been booked strongly in WWE

Goldberg then went on to take a shot at fans who are frustrated with his position on the card.

"You know, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t want to prove every single person who said one thing negative about you wrong, but I’m not driven by that five per cent.

My life is not dictated, my daily mood is not dictated by those people.

"So, in all honesty, they wouldn’t be around if they didn’t have a computer to block them and what they say and how I react. So, in all honesty, I couldn’t really care less about them. I really don’t care.

Goldberg has hit back at WWE fans

"They make no difference to me whatsoever. I’m out there to provide entertainment to the best of my ability and the one thing that you can always get from me is that I’m going to do my damnedest to provide that." 

If Goldberg goes over McIntyre on Sunday night, you can bet those WWE fans complaining about his booking will become even more vocal down the Road to WrestleMania.  

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