WWE Royal Rumble: Edge's remarkable 10-year journey


When Edge returned to WWE last January, you could be forgiven for wondering whether it was a wise move for all concerned.

After all, this was a man who hadn’t fought competitively in a WWE ring for nine years after retiring due to persistent neck injuries that, if he didn’t stop competing, could have had serious long-term effects on his life.

After nearly a decade away, was this just a publicity stunt? Was he past his best?

Last night’s incredible victory in the Royal Rumble for the “Rated ‘R Superstar” shows that it was no one-off and he is determined to pick up where he left off all those years ago.

Edge’s Remarkable Journey

What a journey it has been for Edge. Whether you loved him or hated him during his career, no one could question his legacy and achievements.

There were 11 world titles, countless tag team titles whether it be with Christian, for whom the two have a strong off-screen friendship, or the unlikely combination of Rated-RKO with the ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton.

His long-standing feud with John Cena dominated the mid 2000’s and his on-screen relationship with Lita certainly raised some eyebrows.


Unforgettable moments that made the WWE Universe grieve his forced retirement, but his feats were later recognised when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012. No one could complain if Edge rested on his laurels and rode off into the sunset.

‘You think you know me?’ his entrance music asks. We clearly didn’t.

The Comeback

Edge is made of tough stuff and after battling through the pain, he made his return at the Royal Rumble 2020. Nine months out is a long time, never mind nine years, but Edge looked like he’d never been away.

The following night on RAW he stated he wanted to end his career on his own terms. Randy Orton thought otherwise. After betraying Edge the same night, hitting him with an RKO and putting him back out of action, many fans feared the return of their hero was short lived.

The two former teammates would go head-to-head in a Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania last year. Edge’s first match in nearly a decade. How would he fare? Could he last the distance? After a 36-minute slog, Edge answered any doubts by knocking out Orton following his infamous Con-chair-to.

Relief. Redemption. Edge was back.

Not even a torn tricep in his Backlash defeat to Orton a few months later would stop him. Edge was determined to climb the mountain once again.

After seven months out with injury, Edge once again defied the odds last night by becoming the third Superstar in history to win the Royal Rumble after entering at number one, a victory made even sweeter by eliminating Orton in the process.


Edge’s inspirational journey is one of sacrifice, hard work and dedication, but he’s not finished yet.

A title shot at WrestleMania looms and is likely to be his last big hurrah in WWE.

This is what Edge has waited and worked for and if he manages to accomplish his dream of a 12th world title, it will have been a long nine years in the making.

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