WWE Royal Rumble: Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens ridiculous spots during title match


Last night’s epic Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble spilled out across the Tropicana Field Arena.

In a titanic tussle, in which Reigns retained his championship following a Guillotine Choke submission, the pair used whatever they could to gain the advantage and knock their opponent out for the 10-count.

Last Man Standing matches are no holds barred, and boy did it show.

Following an exchange of steel steps and chair shots, the two men made their way towards the entrance stage, and that is where the mayhem began.

Crazy Spots For Reigns & Owens

A Superman Punch from Reigns sent Owens over the edge of the stage and through the tables below. Avoiding the count out, a weary Owens got up and made his way backstage, where all hell broke loose.

Thinking he’d receive a bit of respite backstage, Reigns then appeared in a GOLF CART to run down Owens, subsequently breaking the windshield. The chaos wasn’t over there, though.

Kevin Owens somehow got to his feet before the count of 10 and soon had the upper hand, slamming Reigns onto a table. The tables had turned from earlier, quite literally, as Owens then delivered a flog splash, sending both Superstars through it, but again, both made it back to their feet.

Arguably the highlight of the match came shortly afterwards. Reigns was once again left in a perilous position on top of a table following a blow to the face from a ladder, courtesy of Owens. Not satisfied with that, however, Owens then performed an astonishing Senton Bomb from the top of a FORKLIFT to surely seal the victory. Or so he thought.

After Reigns got up at the count of nine, he and Owens found themselves back in the arena. This is where the tide began to turn as Reigns delivered a devastating Spear to Owens, right through the entrance stage. Check it out here!

The match looked to be all-but over when Owens handcuffed Reigns to a lighting structure after throwing him into it. However, Reigns shamefully slammed the referee into the lighting grid, just before he was about to be counted out.

A little bit of help from Paul Heyman allowed Reigns to escape, hit a low-blow on Owens and then deliver the submission which ultimately secured him the victory.

Whilst it will be no consolation to Owens, he helped deliver an amazing spectacle which will live long in the memory of many WWE fans.

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