WWE Royal Rumble: Goldberg is still looking absolutely jacked at age 54


Bill Goldberg may have suffered defeat in last night’s WWE Championship showdown vs Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble, but there is no doubting that he came into the contest in peak physical condition.

At 54 years old, the wrestling legend still possesses a body that puts men half his age to shame (me included).

Despite his astonishing physical appearance, the man they call ‘The Icon’ has mentioned in recent interviews that he no longer feels capable of maintaining the same level of performance in the ring as he did in his prime.

“It’s really tough. My mind wants my body to do things I just can’t do anymore, but I’ve still got it in my eyes and in my mentality,” Goldberg said.

“As long as I can get my body as close as I can to where I was or to what is acceptable right now, I think physically my ability to perform will surprise a couple of people. I don’t know 10 people who are my age who can do what I can do and I take pride in that. If you know anything about me, I take it very seriously. I’m always going to be Goldberg, that’s just me. It’s still marketable, there’s still a place for it.”

While that might be the case (I don’t think anyone is suggesting he hasn’t lost a step), a quick peek at the image below tells you all you need to know about just how seriously Goldberg takes both his physique and his wrestling.


There are still plenty of things that body of his can do if he does decide to hang up the boots, that much is certain. Rip phone books in half, for example, or uproot whole trees from the ground. 

So, just how has ‘The Myth’ managed to fend off father-time to keep those chiseled abs and throbbing guns? 

Well, his exercise routine (power-lifting based) is legendary on the wrestling circuit. It features a heavy workload of Olympic squats, light cleans, neck braces, standing sit-ups and heavy snatches (the full program can be viewed here). 


Goldberg has slowed down in recent years and WWE fans have been quick to dismiss his wrestling ability on social media, but it’s highly unlikely any of them would have the nerve to say anything to his face. 

An unfortunate defeat to a game McIntyre at the Rumble last night aside, Bill Goldberg still lives up to his name and is every bit ‘The Man’ he always was.

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