WWE news: John Cena confirms his WrestleMania 37 status


John Cena has foregone participation at WrestleMania 37 due to scheduling conflicts with an upcoming TV show and a Mountain Dew Super Bowl advert. 

Cena's appearance in the advert comes during the first half of the NFL's main event and promotes the drink's newest flavour Major Melon. It will also advertise the drink's competition, wherein the first viewer to correctly tweet the exact number of Mountain Dew Major Melon bottles in the ad wins a $1 million prize.

Cena said, as per SI: "A Super Bowl ad for me is a life-changing opportunity, and it’s also going to change someone’s life.

"Mountain Dew Major Melon is really changing the perspective of advertising with this campaign, and I am really honoured to be part of it.

"It’s a uniquely awesome flavour, Mountain Dew’s first new permanent flavour in over a decade, and it’s a brand that stands for passion." 

While there have been previous WrestleMania events that saw Cena absent from the action, such as instalments 32 and 35, he still featured in every event since he made his debut at Madison Square Garden in 2004 at WrestleMania XX. 

The 16-time world champion commentated on speculation that he is now part of a group of WWE talent which only returns for the bigger events, often allowing the spotlight to shine on lesser-known stars. 


"I used to be very open about the fact that part-timers were just that, and here I am at 44 years old and I’ve become what I despise, as they say. That is kind of what it is," said Cena.

However, Cena isn't only missing out on the event for the Super Bowl advert, as he is currently in Vancouver shooting HBO Max's series Peacemaker, a show which Cena is full of enthusiasm about.

“Given the quarantine regulations, if I were to leave Canada, upon return I would have to quarantine for another two weeks," said Cena.

"Essentially, that would shut production down. Strictly based on the letter of the law right now, there is no logistical way I can be there. We film now until July.


“It’s a wonderful episodic show, and it’s an amazing opportunity. It’s a challenge I wanted, and I get to work with awesome people. James Gunn is writing and directing, which is amazing, and it’s something I couldn’t pass up.

“It’s very difficult to say because I know it’s going to be disappointing for a lot of people, but according to the letter of regulation right now, there is no mathematical way I can be at WrestleMania this year.”

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