WWE news: Edge confirms schedule plans ahead of WrestleMania 37

Edge confirms he wants to work full-time in WWE

Edge is going to WrestleMania. 

The Rated-R Superstar shocked WWE fans by winning the Royal Rumble on Sunday night... from the No.1 spot. 

He was in the ring for over an hour before finally eliminating Randy Orton - who also started the match - to confirm victory. 

That's certainly not bad for a 47-year-old veteran of the business, is it?

In fact, it's perhaps that tag and the suggestion that he's only a 'part-time' player in WWE, that The Rated-R Superstar is trying to shake off during this run. 

Speaking after his Royal Rumble success, Edge revealed that he's not just returned to 'play the greatest hits'. Instead, he wants to be at The ThunderDome every single week, like everyone else.

"I didn't come back to just do the greatest hits tour," he told CBS Sports.

Edge is going to WrestleMania 37

"That's not why I came back. I didn't just want to do regurgitated greatest hits. I wanted to come back because I wanted to tell compelling stories.

"I wanted to get in with a lot of talent so that... if I could impart wisdom from 29 years of doing this, in terms of trying to tell a story, that's really exciting for me."

Edge went on to explain that he didn't know he was going to be working at WrestleMania, but understands he has a responsibility as the Royal Rumble winner. 

Edge won the Royal Rumble from the No.1 spot

"I love so much of this talent, and it's exciting to be able to get in with them. Did I necessarily know that I was going to try to work toward WrestleMania? No.

"A lot of those things are out of your hands. I did know I was going to put the work in to be able to do it if called upon. That's part of my responsibility in coming back, as well.

"I don't just want to be another body. I want to be able to help, and to help the totality of the industry if I can. If that means that this year Edge main events WrestleMania? Ok."

Edge wants to help the other full-time members of the WWE roster

Edge concluded by confirming that he will be in WWE every week during the build-up to his title match and he's not going to be a guy that 'floats off' before the big event.

"After my family, this is my top priority. If I'm asked to be in a title program heading into WrestleMania? I'm here every week. That's the way I operate.

"I'm not going to be a guy who comes in for one week and floats off for eight weeks. If I'm involved and I'm in the mix, I'm going to be here every week because that's how I operate."

Edge has already appeared on RAW this week

Many returning legends would be happy to work a part-time schedule and pick up their paychecks, but not Edge. He's in it for real and that's what makes him so special.

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