Arsenal: Fan creates thread of all the decisions that have gone against them recently


As it approached half-time at the Molineux on Tuesday night, Arsenal fans were probably looking at the live Premier League table.

They led Wolves 1-0 and were set to jump into sixth, ahead of north London rivals Tottenham and setting their sights on a top-four finish.

However, on the stroke of half-time, they would have looked up from their phones and seen referee Craig Pawson pointing to the penalty spot and showing David Luiz a red card.

What had happened?

The Brazilian defender had accidentally clipped Willian Jose in the penalty area and conceded a spot-kick. Pawson - and the VAR - seemingly forgot about the double jeopardy rule and gave Wolves the opportunity to score from the penalty spot and sent Luiz off despite his accidental foul.

Wolves subsequently went on to win the match 2-1 with Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno joining Luiz in being sent off as he handled outside the penalty area.

While there couldn’t be too many complaints surrounding Leno’s dismissal, Arsenal were furious with the decision to send Luiz off.

Granit Xhaka, Gabriel and Luis himself all took to social media to criticise the decision. Meanwhile, Mikel Arteta couldn’t understand it.


“I’ve seen it 10 times in different angles and I cannot tell you where the contact is,” said Arteta.

“If they have another 50 different angles to watch it, maybe I will be surprised. I looked at seven different angles and I cannot see any contacts there."

But Arsenal fans believe there is a conspiracy against their club. Numerous threads on social media emerged on Wednesday showing all the decisions that have gone against them recently.

One of them was shared by @LinkUpArsenal and titled: “Arsenal vs PL Officials. A thread.” What follows is a series of incidents that went against his club’s favour.

Let’s take you through the thread:

  • "Arsenal denied a late winner for this 'foul' vs Crystal Palace"
  • "Luiz makes minimal (no) contact and is sent off but Brighton's penalty vs Man Utd is allowed"
  • "Conversely when it’s Saka on the receiving end of an identical if not worse challenge there’s not even a penalty given"
  • "Let’s not forget 2 huge decisions in favour of Liverpool this season. 1) blatant red card for Mane directly infront of the linesman"
  • "2) Jota handball goal allowed to stand"
  • "Let’s have a look at some tackles against us"

No reds

  • "However this was given as a red card? AMN is sent off for taking the ball and being stood on"
  • "Gabriel on a yellow gets sent off for this but Jorginho does the exact same but he’s allowed to stay on the pitch"
  • "No red... identical to Luiz - accidental trip stopping a goal scoring opportunity but this is a yellow and for Manchester Utd (earlier in the thread) wasn’t even a penalty."
  • "Jamie Vardy looks back and swings his leg at Mustafi’s head... go back and look it’s so blatant....No red card"
  • "Sokratis dragged down but no penalty another 3 points gone here"
  • "Xhaka 'blocking the vision of the keeper'”
  • "Nico Pepe... no penalty somehow"

Of course, fans of every club in the world feels as though they're hard done by decisions. It's just the way we are. But this thread certainly goes to show that Arsenal may have been on the wrong end of more decisions than most clubs recently.

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