Krispy Kreme challenge where you have to eat 12 doughnuts during five-mile race


It seems that every six months or so a new challenge goes viral, and the latest one to do just that is the Krispy Kreme Challenge.

Held in Raleigh, North Carolina, the charity race gives its participants just one hour to eat their way through 12 doughnuts, all while doing a five-mile running course.

Their website says: "2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour.

"The mantra of the Krispy Kreme Challenge epitomises the test of physical fitness and gastrointestinal fortitude.

"What started as a challenge among ten friends has transformed into a nationally publicised charity race, and the number one tradition to complete before graduating from North Carolina State University."

Unfortunately with the current pandemic, bringing all those runners together is not possible, so that means that the 2021 race is going to be a little different; it will be done virtually.

A statement was released on the events site saying: "Due to Covid-19, the 17th Annual Krispy Kreme Challenge in 2021 will be a virtual race. Despite these unfortunate circumstances, we are still committed to supporting the UNC Children's Hospital.


"You will still be able to run the race virtually, however we will not be able to provide a normal race day experience in order to prioritize the safety of our runners. We thank you for your understanding and your commitment to this event and it is our hope that we can still have a successful race day in 2021."

Instead of everyone doing the challenge at the same time, people who participate will have a seven-day window between February 6 and 13 to run the challenge.

When you register for the event, you will get a t-shirt and a neat little voucher for a dozen doughnuts that are to be redeemed in the US at any Krispy Creme store. If you want a medal for your efforts, event organisers can post you one for $5 extra.

The event has been a major hit and last year saw over 5,000 runners take part in the challenge.

In total, $175,000 was raised and given to the University of North Carolina Children's Hospital, and that brings the total amount raised to an astonishing $1.8 million.


The event organisers posted this on their website: "Since its inception, the Krispy Kreme Challenge has been proud to support the UNC Children's Hospital, a specially-designed hospital that caters to the needs of sick or injured children and their families.

"The mission of the hospital is to provide the highest quality care to patients from all 100 counties in North Carolina, regardless of a family's ability to afford the services.

"The money we raise goes to help fund additional equipment and support services necessary to provide exceptional care. It makes possible innovative programs that aid in the treatment and care of children suffering from a wide range of illnesses.

"It also gives patients the chance to just be kids, by playing on the 2-story play atrium or participating in a variety of on-site activities. In addition, the hospital has the state's only fully accredited hospital school, which keeps patients from kindergarten to 12th grade on top of their studies."

So come on, who would absolutely love to take on this challenge?

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