WWE news: Stone Cold Steve Austin responds to The Undertaker's recent criticism

Stone Cold Steve Austin responds to The Undertaker's recent WWE criticism

The Undertaker caused quite a stir last month by suggesting that the current WWE product has gone 'soft'. 

"It's kinda soft. I'll probably p*** a lot of people off but they need to hear it. There are guys here and there who have an edge to them, but there's too much pretty and not enough edge," he claimed. 

Those comments sparked a huge response, with fellow pro-wrestling legends and even current WWE Superstars weighing in on the debate. 

Goldberg even used The Phenom's comments as part of the build to his Royal Rumble match against WWE Champion Drew McIntyre - which he lost. 

Opinion on the product going soft is certainly split and this week, Stone Cold Steve Austin was asked for his thoughts on how much the industry has changed since his heyday. 

The Hall of Famer suggested that there are 'better athletes' in WWE today, compared to 20 years ago, but also admitted he prefers the older 'grittier' product. 

Stone Cold prefers the grittier WWE product

"You’re spot in saying that today is a different era," Austin told Stephen A Smith on ESPN First Take Tuesday.

"It’s a more athletic product, the guys and girls are better athletes than we were. 

"Growing up, I was a big fan of promotions such as NWA, Mid South, and WCCW as well, and during the Attitude Era, we really pushed the envelope creatively.

"I just think the business was a lot more protected back then, and it was a grittier product, which is what I thrive on." 

WWE was more protected during the Attitude Era

While admitting he prefers the 'grittier' product, Stone Cold did praise today's WWE stars for their work during the pandemic. 

"That said, all due respect to all the men and women of WWE for working through the pandemic, and without crowds.

"When you watch the football games even with even 25 percent capacity of crowds, those fans really affect your performance.

WWE stars are currently performing with no crowd

"This is especially true in professional wrestling because that’s how you get your feedback in your decision-making process. I miss the crowds. But yes, it is a different product today."

While The Undertaker drew criticism from Roman Reigns for his initial comments, Stone Cold has shared his thoughts in such a way that it's unlikely he's 'p***ed off' the WWE locker room. 

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