Cristiano Ronaldo: His diet and workout routine at 36


Cristiano Ronaldo has reached the age of 36 in quite incredible form. 

With 22 goals in all competitions this season for Juventus, the Portuguese really is showing no signs of slowing down. 

Recently, his unhappy reaction to being taken off by Andrea Pirlo against Inter Milan in the Coppa Italia shows he hasn’t lost any of his hunger for the game, either. 

So where most players would be entering the twilight of their career at this stage, Ronaldo is Serie A top scorer, weighing in with a goal every 91 minutes.

There really is no telling how much longer he’ll be performing at that kind of level. 

For instance, it was widely assumed that the 2018 World Cup would be his last – but now it seems almost inevitable that he’ll be at Qatar 2022 with Portugal. 

That longevity is richly deserved too, when you take into account the amount of work the five-time Ballon d’Or winner puts into his physical condition. 

Recent photos from his Instagram show he is still in sensational shape. 


The forward is notoriously hard on himself – he recently even spoke publicly about how strict he is with his family’s diet. 

In order to maintain such a well-toned physique, he focuses on two elements: a set diet which emphasises protein and carbohydrate and a tough daily workout routine. 

What does Ronaldo eat? 

According to AS, Ronaldo’s diet consists of six mini meals a day, with plenty of of pasta and chicken cooked without oil or salt. 

He only drinks water, with an occasional pineapple or orange juice at breakfast, a meal which usually consists of either cheese, ham, low-fat yoghurt and fruit or avocado. It goes without saying he avoids sugary snacks and he also dodges frozen food, only eating fresh produce. 

Swordfish, sea bass and sea bream are his favoured types of fish, while his preferred dish is bacalhau a braz – a mix of cod, onions, potatoes and eggs. 

How does he work out?

It’s stated he goes to the gym five days a week – remember, that’s in addition to his football training sessions. He also does pilates and swimming, but per the same report, his personal trainers have to intervene to stop him overtraining. 


The 36-year-old tries to incorporate his sprint drills into his workouts to keep up to speed.

In 2017, he denied rumours he did 3,000 sit-ups a day, insisting it’s a minimum of 200-300. Pfft, easy. 

Are there any other secrets? 

Getting eight hours of sleep a night is important to Ronaldo, maintaining the same routine by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day, wherever possible. 

He’s also invested in ‘ice-box’ Cryotherapy chambers at home to aid his recovery from injury. 

Perhaps most importantly of all, he extols the virtues of mentality – which comes as no surprise. 

“Mental strength is just as important as physical strength and will help you achieve your goals,” he said, via Goal. 

As Ronaldo turns 36, it’s quite incredible that he still possesses the same drive to stay at his peak. 

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